Facial hair formal embassy interview

Ok,I am moving to the states pretty soon and to clarify a few things I am having my interview this week.The question is I have grown a beard which I have invested so much emotionally in and dont want to shave it off,however given the certain parts of the globe I was born in(middle east)I dont wanna look like a sterotypical religious person(I am not religious).The question is should I shave it off ?

Since I have decided honesty is the best policy I am thinking of keeping the beard and not changing the appearance,on the other hand I am worried I may send the wrong impression.

Any words of wisdom ?

Clean shaven is much more professional

Why is this even a question?

Best case is that you carefully shave the beard off, assemble it on some sticky tape like a mask, and wear it as needed.

^Perhaps I can later use the fake beard as an extension to my re-grown beard.Deciding between long and too long can be time consuming then.

This thread reminds me of “Terror Taxi” from Jackass Number Two.

Beards are in now. If you have a decent amount of chest hair I wouldn’t even wear a tie and unbutton the top few buttons of your collared shirt.

you really need a life coach

So you’re basically saying that you look like what most Americans picture when someone says “terrorist”, right? If so, I suggest you shave the beard.

What about having a moustache or goatee ? Is that still a no ?

stubble, but no beard.

That was awesome. “Those are our pubes!”

The look is called “business macho” and frankly, I love it.

clean shaven. no question

Beards are in now bro, no problem there so long as it’s a trimmed beard. If you come to the interview looking like osama, well then that’s a different story.

Osama is dead. crying

But really, I rocked a trimmed beard to my last interview and got the job. The tides are changing. Hair is all the rage. I’m gonna go listen to the Bee Gees.

This. Don’t listen to anyone telling you to have a beard. Name me one major (non technology) company CEO with a beard

Lloyd Blankfein

Definitely keep the beard. Show your personality.

carl icahn

steve jobs


mikkel svane


sergey brin

dan bilzerian