Fail Email - PLEASE help

Hi everyone,

can someone please send me his or her fail email for the CFA Exam?

I need the original and complete email with all graphs etc.

Can you please forward the email to

Of course if you send it in an anonymised form it would be great as well.

Thank you so much! I really need this.


weird request…why do you NEED it?

i answered this on his thread in the general discussion forum…

Solid reasoning, although I would hope that you’re wrong. My faith in humanity is already hanging by a thread.

Or money isn’t the issue and the real reason is he doesn’t want his employer to know he got a PCP violation and wants them to think he just failed. Somebody should ask $1000 for this email to a) make money and b) see which version is correct.

EDIT: Not serious here. Pretty sure helping to fake results is an ethics violation on some level and certainly not in line with any of the Code and Standards. To the OP, maybe the charter is not for you if any of our hypotheses are correct. Perhaps being a used-car salesman is more down your alley.

wohhhhhhh crazy… right or wrong, it’s still pretty good detective work lol

From what I’m told, it begins with “we regret to inform you…” blah blah blah.

Send a PM to CubsFanCPA or PortfolioManager on August 9th…they can give you the exact wording.


Would but haven’t failed yet, LOL

Ok so you had your fun - how could I have been so naive as to think that one would help me with that request.

I totally understand that it’s odd and of course you speculate why I need this.

Regarding the speculation…if I was to scam a company that would mean I finally got a job in Investment Banking which I wouldn’t throw away for silly scamming.

Thank you for those who are taking this serious.

Herr 14

If you were so serious, why not tell us why you need this?

Maybe you need to show the matrix/email to your parents then… IBers don’t really gain much from the CFA designation. Sorry to break it you that you’re going the wrong way. Rather, you should spend $150k+ to get a worthwhile MBA. I couldn’t help you anyway as i never received a “fail” email, fortunately.

Whoa. #resentments

You might get an email from PCP soon

That’d be so juicy lol

If you tell me why you need it I will provide you with the email CFAI sent to me