Failed BAND 10: retabulation

That’s a nightmare I was pretty confident this year… but i’ve failed with BAND 10… Do you think that asking for retabulation should be a good idea??

Item Set

Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% Alternative Investments 36 - * - Corporate Finance 36 - - * Derivatives 36 - - * Economics 18 - * - Equity Investments 72 - * - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 * - - Financial Reporting & Analysis 72 - - * Fixed Income Investments 18 * - - Portfolio Management 18 * - - Quantitative Methods 18 * - -

We have divided the group of candidates who did not pass into 10 approximately equal score bands. Your score band below shows how your overall score on the exam compares with the overall scores of candidates who did not pass this exam. Your score band: 10


So, you scored poorly in Ethics, Quant, PM, and Fixed.

Scored medium in Equity, Econ, and Alternatives.

Scored well in FRA, Derivatives, and Corp Fin.

I have personally never heard of a retabulation that resulted ina change of grade.

I would not ask for a retabulation. You sound fairly borderline (which is what we would expect at Band 10) and you bombed the ethics.

If you had done well in Ethics, they probably would have passed you.

I scored >70 in derivs, equity, FRA, Fixed Income, and PM. I blame my not passing on my lingering in the WC section, thus my failure on ethics…

Band 10 here also failed ethics

Band 10:

>70: Alt, Corp Fin, Derivatives, FRA

50 – 70: Equity, FI

<50: Econ, Ethics, PM, Quant

I’m disgusted… I was pretty sure that I had scored over 75% overall…

Just sent the retabulation form but for sure I will not resit level 2 again angry

I failed band 10; I also bombed ethics.


Alternative inv, Corporate Fin, Equity inv, Fixed income, Portfolio Management

>50; <70%

Economics, Financial Reporting


Derivatives, ETHICS, Quant

I will not be asking for a retabulation. I must have taken 100 scantron tests in college and they were always accurate, you could even use ballpoint pen and they worked fine.

Bummed with a band 10 fail


Atl, Corp, FRA


Derivatives, Equity, Ethics, Fixed, Port Management, Quant,



I think I was a few answers away…

Looking at all your results, I am surprised how I passed:

>70: Corp Fin, Equity, FRA

50 – 70: Econ, FI, PM, Quant

<50: AI, Derivatives, Ethics

I think you passed because you did well (> 70) in Equity and FRA, and you didn’t bomb Ethics (>50).

  • Your indicated grade: Fail - Band 10 - Materials used: Kaplan Schweser - Your 40/60/80 score is: 67% - Your minimum score is: 56.2% - Your maximum score is: 78%

No - retabulation never changes anything.

Honestly they only have this option to comfort those of you who need one last hope. But in reality, it you somehow pass after retabulation, they will have thousands of retabultions each year!

Just accept the fact that you didn’t make it this year and move on - don’t get angry or frustrated, focus on what you need to do to pass and DO NOT OVERESTIMATE your ability for next year. Re-visit everything as if you failed on band 1, trust me, it will serve you well!

good luck,


Since the exam was really “easy” this year and that the pass rate is consistent with last year… I think that the MPS is pretty high year for sure over 70%.

It’s probably around 65% like usual… there is no way I got > 72% and I passed. I never got > 70 on a mock and the exam did not feel significantly easier to me. If you look at it, a lot of people who passed still got middle bucket or worse in FI, Derivs, Ethics, Econ

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CFAI has stated that nobody has ever gotten higher than 70% and still failed the exam.

If the MPS this year was 72%, then this is a first.

It’s hard to justify a pass if you failed ethics. People that did get <50% and still passed, then you’re lucky…

Not really sure that they give a higher weight to ethics… This is such a small part as opposed to FSA or Equity

Dude, you bombed ethics and got mid-tier in equities. Don’t mess with the big 3.