Fair dealing and Priority of Transactions

I have in my notes (derived from earlier practice questions) that Fair Dealing concerns transactions among clients, while Priority of Transactions between clients and my company.

Is this correct or not?

Sorry, just realized my mistake. Confused employer (company) and employee - member here.

Fair dealing concerns client vs. client.

Priority of transactions concerns client _ vs. self _ and employer vs. self, where self includes beneficial ownership.

Note: updated.

Well than I’m even more confused. This is question 4. Exam I PM on Mark Meldrum’s.

The guy in question trades too quickly on behalf of his firm not giving enough time for clients to act. I would have answered VI B, but the answer code is III C.

this question was very confusing to me too, because the solution’s explanation was a bit confusing. After reading this one over several days, i finally understood (i think)

the problem is the employer is considered a client, therefore this is client vs client so its a fair dealing violation

No wonder you’re confused: my brain got ahead of my typing fingers.

I edited what I wrote, above.

And I’ll ponder this one a bit. It may be Standard III(A) that applies.