Farewell to Coffee

It’s time to get off coffee. It calcifies the pineal gland and that is not helpful in the times we are in. Who’s with me bros???!

You’re in good company, one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen, President Trump, doesn’t drink coffee. I like coffee too much to join, godspeed.

The guy is truly an inspiration in so many ways. Finally a leader with characteristics our children can aspire to.

LMAO who is this account responsible for down voting me constantly yet upvoting you two morons? I think far too highly of either of you for it to be you.

That said I have 1 coffee each morning, a second if it’s a rough day before 10am. Do a green tea in the afternoon around 2pm as well.

Only doing coke now?

Weed is from the earth man… AJ is gonna be selling it soon. But only buy from TGOD since it’s all natural and organic. That’s what all the kids want


lol definitely not me, I don’t think I’ve downvoted more than 10 posts since the system was put in place. Don’t recall any being your’s.

I assumed it wasn’t you or turd, I’m thinking it’s someone out of left field. Whoever it is keep it coming it’s fantastic. Believe the majority of my down votes went to STL just because he is the authority figure, think I dropped a few nerdy’s way as well for his love of this new hip hop he’s so fond of lol

Wonder If Someone wrote a bot to down vote you. Seems like too much effort to do it manually

I don’t drink coffee. I’ve recently started drinking tea because I wasn’t consuming caffeine and it’s supposed to have some neuro protective properties

I only drink 1 decaf in the morning and then tea. My real drug of choice is sugar. Now that is really hard to kick

why babycakes!?

its all gucci. i decaf cuz i degaf!

word up!

jk, on the low, i do not drink coffee. i am a pretty wired dude already.

morning of day 1. i’m hurting bros. i’m not sure i can make it to the end of the day, what should i do? give me some hope.

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It would be funny if the reduction in caffeine makes Turd more lucid and the conspiracy theories stop.

lol nice one bs


actually I expect the opposite to happen. I’ll be able to better connect to my higher self which contains the akashic records allowing me to access the truth of everything. I’ll be able to provide even MORE accurate hidden information.

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Gave up caffeine 3 years ago one of the best decision ever made. The withdrawal was a bitch but the results are fantastic.

great sleep, clear thinking, superior performance.

any pineal gland activations?