Fatigued and worried

i feel like my brain has been broken, honestly i think i might get a panic attack in the middle of the exam. is it all worth it?? i dont even work in the finance industry but im just hoping passing level 2 might help…

You have no idea what i am going through. Believe!

i didnt study for a 4 hour period yesterday night and now i feel guilty…

lets get this thing over with. I need to get my life back. Pass or fail, atleast i know i gave it it my all.

I just watch masterchef australia and feel guilty :frowning: can’t resist

Ha… My wife is “keeping her distance” and I don’t blame her. I’m pretty sure I’m having a break down, but no one will tell me.

I bought a new xbox and spent my last 3 nights playing Call of Duty. Hope this make you feel not so guilty. And, of course, I’m Level 2 candidate.

I’ve barely studied for the last couple of days.

Who’s gona be taking the exam first? I think people in Japan/Asia then moi lol … im freaking out … all im going to do is solve mock 2010 and 2011 again… read notes and go fishing in the early morning =)

The Southern guys take their exam on Sunday. I think first to start is London.

i’m going thru the videos really quickly today. hopefully get it done by 6pm than work on some ethics questions until midnight. tomorrow will be solely on secret sauce and review of the mocks.

in europe we have exam on saturday. while the US is still sleeping.

I actually dont know what to do, i started doing the PM exam 3 from book 2 schweser, i did like 20 questions then Bam, quit it. i then read some of the 11th hour. as of now i just cant get myself to read or do anything. i wanna go out but i know ill feel quilty bout! it. so yeap, just gonna listen to some deadmau5 for a little, then i might wrap up my final third read of eoc’s. ive only got one last book to cover, corporate finance.

Im in Lebanon and I’m taking the exam on Saturday, which is before london residents take the exam…

waiguoren Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ha… > > My wife is “keeping her distance” and I don’t > blame her. I’m pretty sure I’m having a break > down, but no one will tell me. I feel the same way - everyone at work the past week has been semi avoiding me - not sure if i’m acting nasty as a residual effect without knowing it.

haha. i’m trying to lay low and avoid confrontation. i can’t take anymore stress

Just relax. It’s not like you have never taken an exam before.

kill me already…

im think my option adjusted stress levle spread is above the nominal spread itself.

I took the whole week off to study. Seems that today my breaks seem to be longer and longer, and actual studying shorter and shorter. Just going through the books, doing some practice problems here and there, but nothing too stressful. Think I got most accounting and equity down. Derivatives econ, and FI should be no problem (I am lucky enough to work for a FICC derivatives group for a BB), but really worried about ethics, portfolio management, and some of the alternative investment stuff. For some reason The real estate/PE/HF pricing is not sticking. Hopefully I can do some educated guessing correctly, seems like I can at least get it down to 50/50 most of the time. Good Luck all, don’t stress, stress only brings out a worse performance.