Favorite Cheat Meal

What’s everyone’s favorite cheat meal (or deliciously if you do not partake in broesq ways)

Mine is, without hesitation, cannoli

I go through phases. Now that I found Halo top ,I rarely cheat with ice cream. Lately it’s been Pecan Kringle from trader Joe’s and Mexican food binges


i had the poutine from la banquise with the smoked meat on it… omg so good. that along made the trip worth it

halo top is amazingly nutricious. i’ve read a lot about them.

anyawys i love AYCE!

korean BBQ > China/Japanese Buffett > Mongolian BBQ

Southern BBQ

Also hard to beat a well made cheeseburger + fries

  • Southern BBQ

  • Oatmeal cookies

  • Cheese and crackers

  • Fried chicken sandwiches

  • Eating tons of bread in restaurants

I wouldn’t consider BBQ a cheat meal, unless you’re eating carb-y sides and bread to go along with it.

My cheat meal is pasta, I crave unhealthy savory food much more than sweets.

UNLIMITED ALASKAN CRAB LEGS! im one of those people that pile that shit up to the sky. lolim kinda excited im going to viejas hotel with the gf for memorial day weekend. she hates food in general doesnt eat shit, but i go to town on this shit! she prolly low key hates me for it. hahahahahaa




Fatty brisket and pork ribs with sugary BBQ sauce doesn’t strike me as healthy, but yeah I was going for the whole experience. Mac and cheese, cornbread/biscuits, etc.

Meh, I’m in the saturated fat isn’t bad for you camp, so while the sugary BBQ sauce obviously isn’t ideal, a dry rub based BBQ is fine in my book (obviously excluding the sides). Although I’m sure STL will take issue with that from a non-personal health perspective.

All of these things you guys are mentioning are what I refer to as just “meals”.

Pizza and Pale Ales

Hahaha same.

:+1: :heart:

Make me proud, nephew!!! :+1:

cheesesteak + fries

i had a cannoli cupcake out of Mikes recently, was interesting

for real? What’s actually in it?

In Boston? Bova’s is my go to