FBI Is Reviewing New Evidence in Hillary Clinton's Email Server Case

Will this bring down HRC’s looming presidency? Will the investigation wrap up in time for the election? (Probably not).

Wonder what President Kaine will be like?

I’m going to wait to see what the outcome is before I draw any conclusions on Crooked Hillary.

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Not being facetious here–but if the FBI arrests and charges her, can she still run for President? I assume she can. AFAIK, there’s no reason even a convicted felon can’t be president.

The president can pardon himself/herself for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

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Technically speaking, she won’t be elected until December 19th, so if she were to be indicted before that the Electoral College voters could vote for Tim Kaine instead.

To any anti-Hillary people out there (or everyone except PA): is the timing of this announcement good, too soon or too late? Still about 10 days or so, so should be enough time to disseminate. But considering early voting in certain states, it might be too late to matter. So probably not too soon…

Uhh, I think everyone already heard about the silly emails, baked in.

I’d think too late, unless something concrete emerges real quick. Unless there’s real fear that she could go to prison…something that 99% of the voting population doesn’t consider a real possibility at the moment…people aren’t going to change their vote. If something happened quick, like this weekend, it could certainly sway the vote enough to matter.

^ Probably. I think there needs to be evidence of her sending classified information to people not authorized to view it for this to amount to anything.

For it to be relevant to leadership, there would need to be bad intentions , and there were none. It’s just a trivial office technicality, “oops, maybe you should have used black ink instead of blue, even though lots of other people were using blue too, probably we should make the rules on black ink more clear from now on”.

The infighting is embarrassing, Americans really need a spanking!!

I think it would have to be something extremely damning and pretty concrete to make any dent in Hillary’s lead. Otherwise, it sounds like more mudslinging in the final days and a lot of people are just habituated to the emails issue and have already decided whether they think it’s relevant or not.

And yes, a felon can be elected President (even a felon serving time). No constitutional reason prohibiting it. Then, upon election, they can pardon themselves. What’s interesting is that a felon might not be allowed to vote in the election (depending on the state and whether they are serving time, on probation, and if there is a restoration period), but they can still win it - theoretically, of course.

Evidently the new evidence was uncovered through the investigation into Anthony Wiener sexting with potential minors. Just when you thought this election couldn’t be any more embarrassing to the country…

I sold more covered ES puts during the “OMG more emails!” initial impact. Now we will wait and find out…they are nothing, again.

Update: yup, nothing. Private sex life emails of the ex-husband of some chick who works for Hillary, irrelevant. So, now both the Russians, and the FBI, are manipulating a US presidential election…in addition to all the manipulation that is done with scams like vote registration and the electoral college. You gotta throw out the results at this point, fraudulent.


America just needs to shut down, restructure, and reemerge once it has basic operating systems in place.

For example, obviously background checks should be conducted first (mental health, drugs, taxes, business history), once candidates are cleared, nothing more can be brought. Global embarrassment; proof to the world democracy does not work.

How can the director of the FBI write the following things in the same letter?

“emails appear to be pertinent to the investigation”

“cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant”