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i assume that this has been suggested before… but why isn’t there upvotes on AF?

This belongs in the feedback forum.

Much like FT has begged for a HoF, I have tried everything to get a voting system in place. Chad just doesn’t seem to want it.

im aware… so we should quickly address the question before this thread gets exiled to feedback.

I am not sure if we need this functionality. I mean, this is not like Reddit where we need crowd intelligence to promote the best of thousands of posts. 75% of information here is about ACE groping people anyway.

we fear tyranny of the majority, so we would need to implement an electoral college system which would be difficult on AF as most would not want to servce as electors. As Hamilton said:

"“that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” The point of the Electoral College is to preserve “the sense of the people,” while at the same time ensuring that a president is chosen “by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”"

for the water cooler - the purpose is that it encourages people to post funnier stuff on the thread… it validates clever ideas and it allows users to bypass irrelevant trolling.

agreed STL. definitely should be added.

I don’t think there would be much content available on here if that were implemented…

I still think it would be useful in the CFA forums. Example: Someone starts a thread asking for help on a Ethics question, many people give answers, and upvotes help OP find the best answer.

if its funny, then hell yeah I’ll upvote it. but if its a weak insult then step your game up son


Plus I’d get to use so many Patrick Bateman gifs…

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Or at least a “like” button.

Franky, why are they wearing skirts?

“Fill me in”

  • that’s what she said

So now atush/cooler/huster is back as The_Edge. We’ve IP banned him before but it’s not all that hard to get a dynamic IP address so it’s no wonder he’s back already.

Should we ban him? Yes, obviously yes. But it won’t solve anything. He’ll pop back up in a few days doing the same thing. So we need to come up with another solution. What’s the easiest way to deter trolls? How could we make it so certain comments - and perhaps even threads - could be hidden if we disliked them enough?

I know, a voting system! atush is never going away. That’s clear. So how about we enable a voting system whereby comments that fall under a certain threshold are hidden but still accessible if someone really wants to read them? You know, exactly like reddit. atush keeps getting downvoted and his comments get hidden, it’s like a community ban. The threshold could be set by Chad or by the individual members. Whatever.

Now, to discourage karma whoring, we could do away with actually keeping a running tally of members’ vote totals. It doesn’t have to be a popularity contest. Though I’d argue there’s benefits to that as well.

As I’ve previously stated multiple times, a voting system has very obvious benefits for the test forums. The WC would use it a bit differently but it would likely be the easiest way to rid ourselves of the annoying trolls.

Unless we have stronger forms of banning someone such as a MAC address ban, we will never win this game of whack-a-troll. Time to try something different.

I’ve yet to hear any reasonable explanation as to why this isn’t being implemented. I would love to hear actual reasons why we shouldn’t (we’re not reddit is not a reason). AND, if you’re against a voting system I’d like to hear some other alternatives.

Well said, StL.


Going to be expensive for atush to keep buying new iPads to get around the IP ban.

what will stop atush from creating another 10 accounts and upvoting is threads

That would show some serious commitment. I think I might be impressed.