final 2 months for level II

You’ve studied, you’ve struggled; your friends complain that you no longer show up at their parties; your partners make big fuss about not getting some. 2 more months is all that is needed to pass us all. We have to push for it. We will hit the EOCs hard and we will manage our time smart. Every minutes counts. let’s get this mother fucker over with. I am taking off 2 months from work to focus on this. I take nothing but a pass.

With two months off work I could kill this exam. I have one week. I have finished the material once over, but need ample review. Here’s to hoping. I want to go into this exam with 80%+ on Schweser mocks and the CFA mock.

2 months off from work kid and youre hyped? I would sit back and smoke a fat joint, you got it made in the shade.

Just out of curiosity passme, how are you able to take two entire months off from work? I thought my boss was going to have a stroke when I asked for one week off.

I submitted my two weeks notice in mid Febryary so I could ensure enough free time to review all sections and EOC again. Missing a few pay cheques is nothing in the big picture, but failing the CFA Level 2 and wasting a year of my life re-doing it would be the worst. If you are making $15,000 a month my strategy may not make much sense, but in my case passing up on $2,700 a month to ensure a pass was a no brainer. Matt

what’s up with the part you wrote about “partners complaing about not getting any” I been busting my ass for this thing, but if my girlfriend’s even remotely around me, I’m going out of my way to hit that, and she’s always “like i dont wanna, it hurts, i have a headache” and even if i do manage to get some, the whole time she’s like “hurry up, be more gentle, get your foot off my face” such a drag… the point is this exam is not preventing me from getting some in any way; my partner is the one preventing me from getting some (more)

lol. maybe you should find another girlfriend

but she’s so hot!!! it’s like having a ferrari in the garage that you get to drive every now and then! and sometimes, you got your key in the ignition, and you’re like “come on, just start, just start god dammit!” and it just won’t! so you go on your xbox and play racing games… then you look out the window and everybody’s having the time of their life just driving around…

“get your foot off my face” only implies one thing. giggity giggity


lol. I dated a ferrari too, a red one even…never will drive one like that again, especially one who doesn’t put out every night

Oh, I have dealt with this situation too, and you guys haven’t even touched on the “high maintenance” that comes along with a relationship like that

magicskyfairy… Well untill now I have been thinking that you were a girl - Wooh !!-

magicsky, I thought you were a chick too. whats the deal?

who says I’m not a girl?

This thread is motivating me in all the wrong ways.

My plan is to continue with Schweser for the rest of April (I’ve focused entirely on Schweser so far)…and plan to switch to the CFAI books to do all the EOC questions for the month of May. Also I’m going to do the Schweser practice exam booklet during May, and of course the CFAI mock exam about 2 weeks prior to the exam date… Working full-time while studying is tough, but only two more months and it’ll all be worth it !!! I was approved a week off of from my job prior to the exam…not sure what kind of “job” where someone can take a full 2 months off, but surely that’s plenty of time to ensure a passing grade lol…I see the CFA designation as the top investment designation for sure, BUT I’ve also been seeing how little it matters without the work experience…maybe things will change in that regards when firms start hiring more… I don’t know what i’d do with myself if I had 2 full months of studying…i’d probably slack off until about May and then complain that I took too much time off from work lol

How is everyone feeling about this exam? I’m kind of scared shitless, since I’ve been working on the Quant and FSA sections tonight…When I saw the formula for “the estimated variance of the prediction error” for the first time (wasn’t really the first time, but had no recolection of ever seeing it after my first read-through), I almost shat my pant. I know I’m ahead of the game, because I’m already done reading and doing EOC problems but this is crazy. How do you guys remember formulas? For level one, I didn’t really have to try to remember them, it just came naturally after doing 2000 problems, but this is a different animal. God help us all!!! LOL

Chuckrox8 I was surprised too. When I first requested the 2 months off, I was still in my 3 months probation period. The major reason my time off work got approved is that I told the HR dude that after passing the exam I will be more ready to move up to mngmt and help the company grow financially. bunch of BS and the HR dude bought it.

bkballa for the past week I been feeling burnt out for the 10th time. I was reading the last bit of the notes blindly while thinking about other things. 0 rentention. I will hit the library everyday during the reamining time till the exam.