Finally can post an image of my garden project!!!

[original post removed]

[original post removed]


Nope… looks like that “too boring to view filter” is still in place :slight_smile:

WHHHYYYYY!!! This is bull crap!!

OK well wait till February and it be all over youtube.


so disappointed

What if I don’t want to wait that long?

You have to post those images into some sort of online format (FB or something like that) then copy and paste them out of that medium and into this browser.

can’t see pictures?

My theory is that OP was gardening naked, and his chiseled full frontal was visible in a reflective surface, so s2000 deleted the picture (and corrected some minor grammar errors while doing that).

Chai Ji Fei xia wo ai ni

you love me thanks

[original post removed]

BOOOOM!! I did it!!!

Congratulations. It looks like a good job. Where are the tomatoes?

Nice and all, but that chair not being pushed in really bothers me.

No tomatoes in this garden… Just insect loving plants, herbs and scented flowers…

Fan-CEEEE!!! Very nice!! yes