"Fire and Fury"

So michael wolff’s book claims that Trump never expected to win the presidency and that he planned to lose and use the fame as a platform to build his brand. That’s pretty fucked, to think that he had one of the ugliest campaigns and split the country apart so much just for his own personal gain, but in line with a lot of his actions in the past. Apparently Melania cried (not in happiness) when it became clear that they had won, and Trump was horrified by the idea, but then embraced it, thinking that he deserved it. I think it’s a legit explanation.

I’m gonna go with Occam’s Razor.

Fake news. Did you watch any of the rallies he did leading up to the election? He was doing 2-3 rallies a day, traveling non stop to try to win the election. I listen to nearly all of them. He put a ton of money, time, effort, got attacked by the media, liberals, and nearly half the country. He worked his ass off and now the losers are making up stories like he didn’t want to win to begin with, beyond fake news. President Trump was not screwing around.

You think a billionaire would really threaten to lock up a person he thought would be the next president of the United States? Call the Clintons criminals and threaten a full scale investigation, have a press conference with women who accused Bill of misconduct?

Crooked H would have destroyed his life if she would have won, or worse. Why would he put himself willingly in that situation?

Lol he was approached by his campaign to fund it because it was so low on money and he would only contribute 50 million if he was guaranteed a win, 25 million if he was more than likely to win, and would only loan it 10 million in the end, and only if he was paid back first before anyone else. The self proclaimed billionaire.

Nah dude, he had little confidence in his campaign. He probably has/had little if any wealth of his own too.

He liked to talk and feel like people admire him. Guys a narcissist, it makes sense. But he didn’t think he’d win. Its pretty clear he was doing it to build his personal brand. And yes, I think he would threaten to put hillary behind bars. He was calling for Obama’s impeachment for being born in kenya for years, the guys not afraid of making powerful enemies, especially since I suspect he thought that hillary would turn the other cheek against him after it ended, and when he lost, he could say that crooked h rigged it against him with the deep state.

His presidency has already failed, because he never had any real strong convictions or policy ideas to begin with. Its just a question of whether or not he’ll be able to stay in office for the rest of the term.

Whatever makes you sleep at night buddy. I followed him from start to finish and I can tell you he was in it to win it, zero doubt in my mind.

The great speech he gave at like 3 am after he won:


He will go down as one of the best leaders the world has ever seen. #MAGA

Lol he didn’t want to win BUT colluded w Russia to win! Where’s Jake Tapper to explain how this makes perfect sense?

Ya and he wouldn’t even fund his own campaign. Whatever you need to tell yourself hpr. I think he accepted he’d lose, but wanted to do so by as small a margin as possible.

LOL good point!

Liberals playing checkers while Trump and his movement are playing 4-D chess, at the end of the day, America wins, so it’s all good.

Or occams razor and there was no “4d chess” and he just wanted to have a dirty campaign and lose by as little as possible while having as little at risk as possible.

Anyways back to reality. The books great and makes trump and co look like a bunch of idiots. Bigly embarassed. Cant wait to see don jr crack like an egg on tv.

seriously birdman’s cognitive dissonance is on a level never before seen. The only plausible explanation is that he has been mentally and emotionally broken by president trump. Reportedly he was a fairly well functioning individual, now look at him.

Lol and steve bannon’s apologies and all the embarassment by the administration over the book has been them “acting.”

Just give it up you two. You’re both morons and are just talking in a bubble chamber to each other and maybe 2 other people on this board. Neither of you has a legitimate place in a conversation about the current state of the country. You don’t have valid or legitimate points of view. The book tears the administration to shreds, regardless of whether or not you two call it (or for that matter anything else in general that isn’t pro trump) “fake news” or not… The administrations has already failed and its just a question of whether or not trump will finish out his term, and hes an embarassment to conservatives and to the country. Go back to nursing your star seeds cw.

ill just quote this for safekeeping. You heard it from birdman folks - trump has failed so horribly that the only question is whether or not he’ll finish his term.

CFA ‘candidates’, amirite hp?

Fwiw, trying to defend the trump campaign by claiming that the meetings with the russians, which bannon said “Even if you thought that this was not_treasonous_, or unpatriotic, or bad s***, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately,” trying to defend the administration with that, is not a winning tactic. They’re dirty and you’re damn right that its a question of whether they’re going to finish out the term, because they sure as hell have made it clear that they aren’t interested or able to pass any meaningful legislation.

Oh man you’re on an emotional roller coaster. This is it! This time he’s going down! Get control of your emotions bro, life will be much easier. Love always -cw.

All you’ve got is straw man attacks and lies. You’re all washed up cw, you don’t have a legitimate point of view. Go back to your star seeds.

Haha, I love you birdman, I truly do. Thank you for that last post.

Back to the topic at hand.

“Even if you thought that this was not_treasonous_, or unpatriotic, or bad s***, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately.”

Good stuff.

Birdman, it is obvious you are very emotional about this topic. May want to take a few steps back

All I want to know is what percentage of liberals and celebrities, who promised to move to Canada if Trump won, have actually done so? And if not, when they plan on going?

This isn’t speculation of what could have happened, like the fake book claims, this is real people we have a record of saying they would leave. Why hasn’t the media ran a story on that?

I am annoyed, rawraw. I was a never trumper and a Rubio supporter during the primaries. And when I look at what propelled trump to victory, I see it as having been a feeling around the country that hillary and the mainstream politicians on both sides weren’t acknowledging the struggles of normal americans, and the fact that normal americans have stagnated if not been sliding backwards economically for decades. It also annoys me that the theme of politics these days is that truth is mutable and that seemingly anything that casts a negative light on the administration or its agenda is “fake news,” including in this instance a very legit book.

I look around at the wasted opportunity that the republicans have had to actually address issues, with both houses of congress and the presidency, and how no meaningful legislation has been passed (IMO the tax bill will not have a significant impact on the countries growth, given that business leaders aren’t interested in using the tax cuts as a reason to increase investment), and the structural issues facing the country are just being ignored.

Besides that, the focus these days is on inconsequential, populist things. A couple thousand coal jobs here and there aren’t going to fuel a resurgence of american growth. Ultimately they’re not important in the face of structural shifts like increasing automation and driverless vehicles which will cause millions of lost jobs in the coming years. But the focus hasn’t been on the major structural issues. And even though trump was elected because people thought he’d be able to provide some lever for growth that normal politicians weren’t getting, I haven’t seen evidence of that happening. Plus, the administration is dirty. So yes, all those things do annoy me, and as a result, I am looking forward to seeing the administration crash and burn, though I’m ambivalent about whether either party will actually address the real issues facing the country afterwards.