first 7 days of august - how will you spend it?

twirling /twiddling the thumb?

Sailing, playing basket with kids, swimming and other things what I usually do on vacation.

probably checking the forum for the annual CFA early result superstition error code slip up bonanza

I wish there’s a “thumbs up” button.

Ahhh, yes, I remember playing basket with my kids almost like it’s yesterday.


How old are yours, Hash?



The first seven days of August… seems far away at the present moment…

I agree! :+1:

That’s dangerous.

Someone could put an eye out with those things.

Almost there…

Results come out at about midnight here in Melbourne. Got tickets to Seinfeld that night so that should take my mind off it.

Everyday 2 hours, looking for a TELL. Might register in other CFA candidate forums to see if they find a TELL, before we do it here. Any suggestions of other CFA forums.

This next week is going to terrible. I have a project I am working on at work and am having trouble focusing, I just want my darn results already.

LOL me too :wink: very much trouble focusing…

i told my boss to chill with the workload…

Feel like as every day passes, my chances of passing are lower and lower.

The year passed, and the day never.

same…Pass decaying at a faster rate now. Cant wait 8/8