Food Prices Up Like Crazy?

Anybody else notice food prices are up like 170% since 2008?

Everytime I go to the store beef and chicken are up.

Is this supply-side or just Obama’s America?

because commodity prices are sky high.

There’s a structural supply-side constraint in beef. The average rancher is like 130 years old, and there aren’t any young marlboro men coming into the system to raise cattle.

Chicken has seen a big increase in demand as consumers rotate away from beef and away from pork to chicken, which is a higher value protein.

Pork has had its own supply issues with PEDV constraining herd sizes. On top of PEDV, herd sizes were trimmed down a bit last year during the drought. So pork prices plummeted last year as piggies went to the market, since it was too expensive for ranchers to feed them. Then you have some people running around scared about what Shuanghui is going to do to the US pork supply now that they’ve purchase of Smithfield.

If you’re looking for cheap protein, you may want to start trapping squirrels in your back yard.

Pork and turkey are super cheap now. I bought turkey last week for like $1 something a pound. Pork is not that much more. Cow stuff, like beef and milk, seem to have gotten more expensive - this is anecdotal though.

deli turkey or turkey tips?

I like turkey tips…

deli turkey or turkey tips?

I like turkey tips…

A lot of it is feedstock, the input prices are going higher. Lackluster farming yields don’t help since those go into feed for animals.

As for my grocery shopping, truthfully I don’t notice a ton of price changes because my grocery spending is relatively small. I only notice on stuff I buy every week, every 2 weeks, etc.

Semi, but not too much, spinoff… roughly how much do you people spend a month on groceries? According to Mint I usually spend between $120-140 a month on groceries. Keep in mind I’m buying for just me and I don’t live in a high COL city.

Input prices for farmers are going up. Land becomes scarce and it takes much more land for farmers to raise cattle/animals than crops. As land prices go up so does the product they raise on it.

Fuel prices. It takes a lot of diesel to run a tractor.

Corn subsidies. I can either raise crops or cattle. The federal government will pay me pretty good to raise corn, so the beef-eaters have to pay me the same rate.

Well, with food prices up and so many government fatties invariably stuffing there their faces while they’re on vacation right now, it might not be a bad time to look at buying shares of Weight Wachters (WTW), especially with the stock having bombed out the last couple quarters

I’m close to $350 a month on groceries… How do you manage on $140?

^ depends what you consider “groceries.” Sounds like you live in a moderate to slightly high cost of living city, and probably do a lot of cooking for yourself. If you factor in the cost of quality produce and meats, you get to $350/month. $140/month sounds like someone in a low cost of living city, probably eats a lot of sandwiches, and maybe gets breakfast and/or lunch taken care of at the office. Not saying that’s a bad thing – in fact, if I could get by on that scrimp then that would be nice – but $140 does sound atypically low.

Dude what? You must have some expensive tastes. I’d say MAX I do $200/month, but probably closer to $150. To be fair though I eat out a lot.

Just meat and vegs but i tend to shop at whole foods because the produce is superior and all the women in their yoga clothes go. I cut grains out of my diet a while ago and because that filler is no longer their, it takes a lot more food to fill me up.

I do whole foods as well but will also go over to trader dank (trader joes)…girls wear their yoga clothes there too :slight_smile:

Why in the world would you cut grains out of your diet?

I will never understand the obsession behind these ridiculous diet fads in this world, Grains are the single most important part of our diet.

Any gains from exercising and hitting the gym will be offset by the loss from a no grain diet.

I call whole foods ripoff kingdom

$140 is less than 5 dollars a day… I’m assuming some eating out is mixed in there?

I switched to a low carb ( 20-30 grams per day) diet about two years ago, and I don’t plan on ever switching back. I lost about 30-40 pounds of fat, I’m more active than ever because I’m no longer tired all the time, and I love what I eat.

You can have your pasta, bread, beer, and cereal. I’ll take my salads, meat, whiskey, and nuts.

According to mint, my girl and I average just under $500 per month on food & dining. Just groceries is just over $250 of that.