Frames for CFA charter

I kinda wish the CFAI still used the old “CFA” logo. I think it looks much better than the new one. Curious if this company will change the logo on the mat.

Wonder if we can get a group buy price or discount


Just heard back from Framing Success. Here is their response:

Good Afternoon Mr-Z,

Congratulations on your achievement! I am aware of the amount of work that you have put forth to become a Charter Holder for the CFA Institute.

The CFA Institute has negotiated special pricing for the Charter Frames. Framing Success has just made some changes at our website and unfortunately with the changes, some of the non standard pricing did not convey when the changes uploaded. The special pricing for the CFA Institute should appear early next week.

The current price at our website for the Windsor Frame with the blue and gold matting is $200 once the special pricing appears will be $160 per frame. I cannot offer an additional reduction on the frame price, but you can have additional savings with the shipping charges by placing a group order with shipping to a single location. Your shipping charge for a single Charter frame is $25, by placing a single order with the frames shipping to a single location you will be charged a maximum shipping price of $50.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer you can place the order on line, or call our office and ask for myself or RoseAnn Wehr, or just send me an email when you are ready to proceed.

Again, the pricing should be corrected very soon.


Virginia McFadden

200 bucks? Man I don’t care if i have to cut that thing, I will get it to fit into a Costco frame for like $15.

The new logo is terrible. I don’t know why they needed to go and change it. What is the point?

if you get a discount count me in

The new logo clearly represents we have worked so hard to get an Arts major!

I just emailed them to see if we can get a discount code or something. I think last year people got a 20% off coupon code. I will let you guys know once I hear back.

Oh ok in that case, I’d want a discount code too! Sorry, I’m a total hypocrite frown

Yes please do!

Is the “new” logo that pastel volleyball looking thing??


that’s terrible.

The new logo is on the charters this year? I’m really sorry to hear that. New charterholders have my condolences. If you’d like to scan your name and charter number and email it to me, I can try to photoshop it onto my charter (assuming I can find it) and send it back to you.

See update above about discounted pricing on the frames

Palacio I was told by a source who should know that the reason for the change is that the old logo was not SmartPhone App friendly. This new one is designed to be.

Best way to frame things is to go to Hobby Lobby & pick out a pre-made frame. They will then professionally mat (or doublemat if you want to get fancy) it for you. Most I’ve ever spent to frame something is like $30-$40.

Thanks Mr. Z. I was wondering myself if CFAI had official frames for the charter.

The only positive of the new ugly logo on the charter, is that people will know you were among the new generation of exam passers. Compared to the old 80% pass rate generation.

Actually if they get rid of the pastel color scheme its not too bad. I have seen it where it is all one color and it is actually much more appealing.

If I throw in my undergrad degree, can I get a quantity discount?

^ maybe you could get your HS diploma, undergrad and charter in one big frame like those picture collages. Throw in some CPE type certificates and you could probably make an actual room divider out of it.