FRM brotherhood 07

any FRM takers on this forum. I noticed little attention paid to the FRM exam this year.

If we can make a permanent thread for FRM/PRM takers, it would be great!

i agree. lets get it.

what should be done?

so how is everybody’s preperation anyways?

i have finished all of the schweser books and i have have done all the questions at the end of those books. i am currently working through the practice exams for 06 and 07. is it just me or is there more qualitative questions than quantitative questions? i am iffy so far just because of the amount of formulas that they have through the books and it will be difficult to remember special adjustments for all of them. what about everyone else? where is everyone taking the exam? i am in chicago.

i’m sort of at the same stage. finished the books. doing the questions right now. i agree, very qualitative. I heard from previous exam takers that this is the case. I’ll see if i can remmber all the formulas too.the pass rate is similar to level 2 CFA so I’m expecting a difficult test for sure.

I don’t have schweser book. Still reading the hand book chapter 20. I noticed that handbook is very slow read. Sometime I can’t even finish 1 chapter per day. Too much formulas not much explanation. What’s the weight of calculation questions on the actual exam; any idea?

lxwqh, GARP recommends that YOU DO NOT use the FRM Handbook to study out of. I have read the handbook myself and i concur it is a more in depth read. much of which you will problably not have to know on the exam. Use Schweser. I have seen some questions and the handbook will only confuse you. Their section on operational risk and credit risk is lacking so drop the handbook right now. you still have 16 days left. Mayweather will destroy Hatton.

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hey RAwannabe… I know that you said you are in texas. which city? do you mind shooting me an email at some point? thanks!

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Frank, how many schweser volumes for the FRM? Are they as thick as the ones schweser has for the CFA? Also, knowing schweser inside out (reading it 2-3 times) for the CFA is enough to pass the exam without looking at the curriculum. Can the same be said for the FRM?

former trader, i would say the volume of material is comparable to CFA L2. though L2 i find to be more draining. its 3 thick books for schewser. as to whether one can pass or not executing said strategies, I cannot comment. I have yet to take the exam. my feelings on this exam is similar to how I feel about the cotto and mosley fight on November 10th. Live in NYC, Madison Square Garden available on HBO PPV.

former trader Wrote: > > Also, knowing schweser inside out (reading it 2-3 > times) for the CFA is enough to pass the exam > without looking at the curriculum. Can the same > be said for the FRM? i hope it is because i havent read anything else but the schweser notes. i would agree with frank on the difficulty compared to L2. There are alot of formulas to remember but it would be impossible (hopefully) for them to ask specific details on most of the lesser known equations. i am sure you will have to know the BS formula, Merton model and a couple of other biggies. frank did you get the sample exams with the schweser material or just the books? i got the exam books and i will starting tonight.

yeah i got the exam books. I’m forgetting the little details. I"m disgusted by the fact i have to remember the merton and BS formula. The fact that they don’t show us how it is derived but asks us to remember a formula is really idiotic. i don’t think i’ll remember how to calculate PD or LGD from memory. but it is definitely crunch time and i’m starting to feel the pressure. should’ve started earlier, but i guess if you can’t fail, its no fun.

Last year Hull and McDonald were part of the required readings, these books covered the derivation of the BSM PDE, knowing how to solve the PDE is mathematics that is normally left to the quants. The exam is hard but about 50% of you will pass, I got the feeling the passing score is slightly lower than CFA exams although I took l2 back when it wasn’t multi choice.

kiwi…the book does give you the derivation. But the cirriculum does not ask you to know how to do it. which i think should be the case if thtey ask you to memorize a formula. I expect a very tough exam no doubt. very tough. and the pass rates is almost identical to the pass rate for the cFA.

does this means that I am pretty much doomed if I read FRM handbook alone for the exam? I don’t have time at all to read Schweser now…

I think i’m doomed too. starting to feel like Jermaine. have you read up and memorize all those risk programs like riskmetrics, creditmetrics portfolio view. seems like there is a lot of memory work. I think reading from the FRM handbook is a bad idea. the reason being is that i read the book too and i found that its better to study off of the AIM statements and what they require. the FRM handbook focuses a lot more on teaching you the important concepts, but half the stuff problably won’t be on the exam.