Funny situation, need help

I met this really cool chick at a cafeteria in my school, I thought she was a graduate student and we talked, she assumed I was also a graduate student(CS) and I did not correct her assumption. We talked and one thing led to another with us turning up in her apartment and me spending the night there. Anyways turns out she is an assistant professor at my school and wants to see me more often. How do I tell her ? I don’t want to stop responding but am looking for a way to build something here.

Assistant professor? Over here, we only sleep with full tenured professors, otherwise it’s hacksaw. Err anyway, I don’t know. Just tell her, I guess. As long as your behavior overall is mature and adult like, I don’t think there will be any issue.

never happened


This is LMN quality!! :grin:

Keep us posted. Meanwhile, just don’t stall on setting her strait. Bring it up in a frank manner and say you thought she may have mistakenly misunderstood you (emphasize misunderstanding…not misleading)

Was she hot

How do you tell her what?

What do you do at the school, are you the after hours janitor writing math solutions on the chalkboard late at night?

she kept saying how she likes my intellectual capacity and stuff so I kinda feel bad.

That I’m an undergraduate and not in a quest to win a fields medal/turing award.

She was a 7.5.

eh, many chicks prefer attention to anything else

If you like her, treat her nice, give her attention, listen, and don’t worry about the rest.

Be straight with her. If you’re honest with your situation/age/goals, then aside from being honest, she may find it refreshing, that you’re willign to deal with her maturely and openly, as a peer. That’s what older people want when they are involved with younger people romantically. To be treated like peers.

What program you’re in has nothing to do with your intellectual capacity. She thinks you’re smart and as far as you should be concerned you are. So just clarify the misunderstanding and keep going with confidence. If you don’t make it an issue, it won’t be an issue.

pictures or she doesn’t exist



Let her know you’re a CFA Level I candidate and use a Homer pic for your profile.


If you’re going to make up a story at least make it funny…

Tell her some story that you couldn’t tell her the truth before because you were afraid of getting hurt emotionally. Chicks like that kind of thing. They also like guys who have >1 cat per 250 square footage in their house.

The truth will set you free. Well, not your penis. It will remain locked up in your pants if you tell the truth.

So, lie.

Tell her right after the next time you have sex.