Funny things that happened exam day

K folks, mise well give some laughter and entertainment to the forum. Wrote in Toronto, some clown pulled the fire alarm just after (thank god) the PM session ended. Swear there was a dude that shar-ted himself in the washroom before the PM session. Needless to say he immediately switched to the toilet line, it was hilarious. No major distractions other then the family of birds flying around.

The proctors stopped us with 15 minutes left in the pm session because tornado sirens were going off. They ended up letting us finish, but as soon as we were done police made us all wait in the interior of the building. Power went out about about 15 minutes after we finished and we were down to the emergency generator lights… Good thing this didn’t happen earlier.

shitted on himself? I hope he left the exam center :slight_smile: Seriously someone farted while I was taking the exam in the morning. I smelt it :frowning: I ignored it though.

nothing funny…there was a home foreclosure auction in the room next door though.


Black out in Secaucus NJ, and during the blackout, some kid pulled out his keychain flashlight and kept doing his exam.

PeteyPete Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Black out in Secaucus NJ, and during the blackout, > some kid pulled out his keychain flashlight and > kept doing his exam. WOW, that is awesome. That guy was ready for anything.

While in line waiting to enter the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC and questioning by preparedness or lack of it, a guy approaches me and proceeds to tell me he did not bring any pencils for the exam and if he could have one of mine, I gave it to him and said good luck. Than at my desk the guy next to me ask the guy in front of us if he can borrow one of his two calculators, to my shock the guy give gives him one, than this guy(next to me) turns to me ans asks me if I will teach him how to use it…I looked at the guy and said you got to be f…ing kidding me! At that point I asked to be moved to another table due to poor lighting… I had to get away from that guy… all I needed was for him to start talking to me during the exam. Than after the first half of the exam I hear a guy two rows back tell his table partner that he did not study and just came to see what the exam was like. I silently thanked him for showing up for the exam for both sections; God knows that I need peole like the above to help out with the curve… hopefully there were alot more people like I experienced taking the exam

In the middle of the instructions for the PM section the announcer asked if anyone was missing their driver’s license and if so they may want to go up and get it - it doesn’t sound that funny right now, but it was hilarious at the time for some reason. It was also so cold in the exam room that I could hear people getting sick all around me - not sure this is funny either but it’s the truth. Must have been a 40 degree difference between inside and out. I think 4 people got their cars towed because they couldn’t find parking (3 for 3 now). It also sounded like someone was trying to bust through the back wall of the exam room during the PM session but took 15 minutes at a time to gather the strength to try again. And why did my watch say 8:45 when he said “it is now 9:00am???” I couldn’t figure out what the rush was to get us into the room until I realized after the fact that I was calmly strolling in yet would have been locked out of the room had I taken a later Metro/Subway train or stopped at Starbucks on the way!

If more people show up unprepared will that even help people who score only 60% pass?

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If more people show up unprepared will that even > help people who score only 60% pass? I hope so!

Kwekoolio…are you referring to the DC center?

1 - guy trying to get past proctors with some flimsy ID…told the proctor his real license was just suspended (presuambly taken away) and he didnt have any other ID apart from some expired something or other that looked like had been printed at home. didn look like they were gonna let him in. 2 - someone showed up at around 9:25am. that boggles my mind. 3 - someone left at around 10:15am. that also boggles my mind. i never found out if she came back for the second half. i hope so.

I’m happy the guy stayed for both sessions and helped the curve…I definitley need it. But who would want to spend an entire Saturday just to see what it’s like. No thanks!

Yep - that convention center was ridiculously cold! Oh, and how about 10 people huddled around a television watching Hillary’s speech instead of reading their notes during the break? Maybe they were also lulled into a false sense of security from the AM session!

Kwekoolio, I admit I was one of them…did watch it for about 5 minutes…but the convention center (other than the parking/food) was much better than the Dulles Expo last year.

Someone got a regular calc. and was arguing why its not allowed. Poor guy had to sit without one. They didn’t allow zip locks for some reason.

#1, Just before the AM exam the girl next to me asked me not to bang the table during the exam and that was the only thing she said to me. #2, When I got to the parking lot there were 7 or 8 guys lining up for one payment machine so I used the other one which is 10cm away from the first one…nobody was using it.

How about the ppl who bring like 10+ pencils in with them? What are they expecting to happen? Place a confidence interval around that one! (I think I’m delirious)

the fancy BAII professional cal, the silver color one, is so hard to push the button that the guy sat next to me always bang the button, everytime he did a cal. question, our whole table shaking like in earthquake, I had a miserable AM and PM session. no bag, ziplock allowed, only bare hand with your cal. and pencil , rubber, and ID. Some people still manage to bring their bag (not into the exam room), I wonder how. I have nothing to read during the session. but it is my habit not studying during the exam break, just relax so I could avoid panic if found out something important missing.