g&t test

My son is taking the test and i feel like i am sitting for lvl 2 all over except that this time around i binge studied for 2 weeks only. And chance of getting into specialized school is less than 10% anyway.

Have you given your son the Hacksaw Talk yet? It’s important to have these discussions.

Best of luck to your son OP.

I’m gonna wait till my son is 2 before I give him the talk, don’t want to put too much pressure on him.

In NYC hacksaw starts with K, we have top 4 schools with less than 10% acceptance rate

Don’t feed into this frenzy. Your kid will be just fine.

Isn’t the acceptance rate more a function of the parents?

Only instead of being used to network students, parents try to get their kids in there to network with other parents…

Agreed. Without the constant testosterone boost, eunuchs can focus exclusively on academics.

GM, sometimes it’s OK not to say anything.

This is actually hilarious.

I thought this thread was going to be about a Gin and Tonic test. I wanted to give it a try. I am sure I would fare better than the CFA exam.

NYC’s G&T schools are probably the best schools in the country and they’re free. At what age did you start him/her studying for them?

Who’s doing the studying?


New York kindergarden admissions are more of a hacksaw test for the parents, rather than the kids. 2-year-olds don’t know shit about anything. The schools have the parents come in for the interviews to determine if you are the correct breeding stock to mingle with their existing clients.

What’s this top 4 sht? Top 2 nugga!

^ Exactly Ohai. Nothing spells the meritocratic nature of America better than sorting 3 year olds into their future societal rankings!

As long as you stop him from going to NYU, he will be alright.

He started about 6 months ago with private tutor, but again, even if he scores 99%, there is only 10% chance that he will get in

How does a 2 year old study for a school entrance exam? Most 2 year olds I’ve met are walking but still crapping their diapers and don’t really sit still for that long.