Gained 10lbs yesterday

Been in the clubhouse gym for 1.5 hrs. Good time for hot chicks. Imma do low impact for another 2 hrs at least.


I live alone so was stocked up after multiple grocery store visits and then just ate everything. Drank 3 liters of green machine. That’s just sick. I didn’t know. - I was sleep drinking.

Are you taking to yourself again ACE

Dude, I eat everything in the house all the time. Then I lay on the sofa and watch Lifetime Movie Network. Never gain a pound.



^ That’s losing 10 lbs.

Im in this camp too - i eat nonstop.

Totally unrelated to this thread (sorry ACE) or even your post, but have a question. I was driving into Philly yesterday and saw a billboard advertising an adult film star’s appearance at your club. When “stars” do guest appearances like that, are they generally pretty social with the club’s entertainers or are they full of themselves and want nothing to do with you?

And me. It’d pretty much why I lift.

I get home, I got the munchies

Binge on all my Twinkies

Throw up in the tub

Then I go to sleep

And I drank up all my money

Dazed and kinda lonely


They get dressed in a side office and don’t use our dressing room. Relations between dancers and features and often cordial, but we kinda hate them. They take up our stage time and also take up time when we can efficiently work as their performance can be distracting. Usually most of us dancers are actually better looking and better performers than porn stars so sometimes they work to make us look even better laugh. However, the one coming on Friday is actually pretty hot. She has appeared a couple time before. But no, we don’t all go out and party after work or something if that is what you mean. Stripper life is really more banal than you think.

^ I assumed they were escorted in and then escorted out when they were done, so didn’t figure there was any after work mixing. Was just wondering if they were friendly while they were there or if they looked at you as second class citizens since they’re “stars”.

No… actually they usually seem really cool and try to flirt with us.

So you going to give us her name or leave us hanging?

Asa Akira

KMD, do they still have that seedy peep show near your club in Philly? I remember going there for a bachelors party.

^^^ you mean “Show and Tell”? Ick!

this hijacked thread is awesome. i’ve never met a p* in person - not a big fan of it in general - but id agree most stpprs are far more attractive.

KMD im still waiting for you to make a guest appearance at the glass slipper here in Boston.

Bento salmon for dinner last night, burger & fries and ice cream for late lunch today. Oy!!! devil

studmuffin will be there asap