Game of Thrones Season 6

Trailer out:

Interesting: 1:16 check his sigil.

I didn’t see a sigil at 1:16, though I saw a lot of flayed men sigils.

Also, was that Arya warging?

Melisandra in the nude. I can’t wait for the interlude

Lol puberty crushed Bran.

This season looks awesome, can’t wait.

I feel like every female actress in this series must have signed a nude scene clause that will be exercised at some point, if not already…

But we saw Melissandre nude at various points: including nude and pregnant with Davos, and nude and seductive with Gendry. Plus she stripped and banged Stannis. And she tried to bang Jon too in Season 5.

Not that I woudln’t enjoy another few scenes, but it’s not like we haven’t seen any of that before.


All the Stark kids are wargs. Bran, obviously, is the most powerful. Arya is probably second (she wargs into a cat at the House of Black and White) and has several dreams where she’s her direwolf), and Jon is wargs a few times. Robb and Sansa shows signs of being strongly connected to their direwolves but I can’t recall a time when they full-on warg. Nevertheless, it’s strongly suggested they’re all wargs.


Jon Snow is alive.

I guess that would suggest that warging comes from Ned’s side of the family, rather than Catelyn’s side, else Jon would not be warging.

The fighter had a Targ sigil on his chest. Some of those scenes were at the Tower of Joy.

Well, that is assuming the Blackfish didn’t get his name in any literal sense.

I’m sure warging is coming from the Starks as the direwolf is their sigil…but but but…it could also come from the Targs for Jon.

Saw this bit-by-bit expansion on the scenes in the trailer, which was interesting.

There are some potential spoilers in there, but I didn’t think any of them were too egregious.

No Rickrolling here. I promise.

Warging has nothing to do with wolves. Arya wargs into a cat, Bran wargs into Hodor, and there have been two wildlings that warg into different animals. The one with the eagle and the other Varymir (sp?) Six Skins has a whole platoon of animals.

You could theoretically warg the dragon. Just saying :wink:

I think he means, why did they choose an animal symbol in the first place if not for warging. But then again, the other houses all have lion, stag, fish, etc. So, yeah, the wolf itself is probably unrelated to warg power.

I’m admitting defeat and watching this series an episode at a time when it airs each week. This will cause me no end of distress but after getting spoiled for (Spoilers) joffrey, tywin and jon snurr, I have no choice.

loving the encyclopedic knowledge of Melissandre’s nude scenes

There should be a compilation of GOT er-scenes