Game of Thrones Season 6

oh krnyc2008, my summer child. you have never seen the cold long winter, the babes frozen in their mothers arms and the small folk with naught to eat. nor the compilation of GOT scenes already on the interweb. winter has already come. (in the explicit sense)

My bad, of course it’s there already! I keep forgetting about men’s need for visual stimulation :wink:

Women need visual stimulation too, it’s just that for women, matching linens folded neatly in an uncluttered room is usually enough.


The other day a coworker told me that Cersei Lannister’s walk of shame was CG trickery. According to him, Lena Heady refused to do the scene herself and they used a body double with her head put on digitally. He also claims that Emilia Clarke renegotiated her contract to remove the nudity clause.

Both of those are true!

I recently watched all 5 seasons of GoT, and I searched the internet to learn if the walk of shame used a body double or not. Yes, there was a body double for sure. Lena Heady apparently wore some kind of skin colored garment, so they could do zooms on her face directly. Then I believe they did stitch her head onto the body double, but hey, at least it wasn’t Grey Wind, like they did with Robb Stark.

Smart woman

Why? She’s been naked a dozen times already.

Just because she has done it before shouldn’t mean she has to do it for the rest of her career.

Nudity has to be a choice rather than a requirement (as it is now) for women going into entertainment industry. She is helping set the precedent.

It’s great that she renegotiated - though it’s sort of a slap in the face for the multitude of fans whose support has made her so famous in that role (joking of course).

STL’s last post reminded me of this scene from Extras, part of the “I’ve Seen Everything” scene.

^ love it. I need to watch Extras again

What kind of precedent is it really though? She was basically a nobody before GOT and the role put her on the map. Seems to me the message she’s sending is that young, attractive actresses should do things that make them uncomfortable to get their foot in the door and then return to their principles when they have leverage.

^hell if anyone’s on reddit, thats pretty much the only reason Sharon Stone is still remembered. its one hell of a business innit?

Seems to me the amount of nudity in movies has gone way down since the 80’s.

In movies, yes, but on TV, no. (My impression)

Violence sells movie tickets. Sex sells TV advertising slots.

btw Rebecca Van Cleave is Cersei’s body double.

You’re welcome.

Like we haven’t all done analogous things in our finance careers.

^ Is anyone complimenting us on setting a precedent?