Emergency Research staff meeting called at 2pm EST… What a thriller!!! will update later on

Take your stapler with you!!!

any updates?

I wonder if he took his blackberry into the meeting

where does he work? LEH?

nice…can you please keep us posted via blackberry? hope you packed up all your valuables just in case any crazy stuff happens

Oh - exciting…

you are all getting arrested [logs into online broker, and waits with finger over enter button]

Just came back–LIVID. My intelligence is gravely insulted. Global head of research and US head of research: 1) Keep your head down and stay focussed 2) IGNORE CNBC. They are crap 3) Be proud that you are part of the number one research team on the street 4) “IF” we have to go out, then go out with a BANG 5) Don’t take to traders. They are spreading rumours 6) Don’t pay attention to the stock on the screen 7) We don’t know what the plan is Am getting drunk ASAP

lol that is funny

especially #5

LOL sid3699 – don’t worry, I heard the same type of speech from both of the BB’s that I’ve worked for. I think it’s the same guy writing all of the speeches!

Please tune in on Sunday, after noon. Eulogy for LEH–LIVE

Probably same guy who writes speaches for Obama and McCain too.

So was pimp in the same room? Has he gotten the same speech?

yep…he was there…have’nt seen him since…i think he went straight to the bar

the first point is surely to sit at a bar, head down, focus on beer.

Lucky I wish I had an excuse to go to the bar! JK - A couple years down the road when this has blown over just think of the stories you’ll have to tell! Priceless

why are you still here? pack up and call it a day

Time to wave in the call girls and *really* go out with a bang… Equity indices have recovered. LEH hasn’t budged.