Gang Rape in public on the Spring Break beaches in Panama City

The media claims that 3 black dudes essentially raped an unconcious woman on the beach in broad daylight surrounded by 100’s of idle witnesses. How legit is this story? Allegedly, this story is backed up by numerous witness cell phone videos but I can’t believe people would stand idle while a woman is getting raped on a public beach.

Not that I get off on this kind of stuff, but does anyone have a link to the video?

FYI, I personally know a classmate that got arrested for rape at a college party. He was making out with this chick and she passed out. Since he was so drink, he didnt know what he was doing so he took off his pants and started f*****g her unconcious body in front of everyone. The next day he woke up in jail confused; at least that’s his story.

Goes to spring break. Drinks herself unconscious. Without friends around to watch out for her.

Sounds like a good idea.

Obviously these dudes deserve to be punished harshly for what they did if guilty.

At the same time what a stupid bish.

Because women shouldn’t be allowed to drink without her friends? I struggle to see your logic…

Oh please spare us the PC horseshit.

That chick put herself in a very precarious situation by drinking herself senseless, alone, in a time and place known for wild sexual behavior.

Of course she ‘‘should’’ be alowed and that’s why these assholes will be thrown in jail for what they did.

But she is still a pretty fucking dumb girl. Can you see how both are not mutually exclusive ?

People are allowed to do all sorts of stupid things. It seems like in all cases execpt this, however, the people doing the stupid thing face consequences for their actions.

@Pokhim - I have the right to walk around in the gangster-filled neighborhoods of East LA at 2 in the morning. But I know what’s likely to happen if I do. That’s why I don’t do it.

But…but…I find this offensive because it validates the behaviour of these gangsters that will rob you waaaaaaah waaaah, etc.

I was in Mexico City for awhile with some college friends. We were banned from going out at night but did anyways. For those that aren’t aware, the worst parts of Mexico City would absolutely devour some of the “hardest” gangbangers in the US.

  1. We stayed within reasonable mid-tier neighborhoods when we went out and went out within walking distance. At one point during the trip, a local stopped us and pointed down a street and said, “peligroso”.

  2. We were a group of guys.

  3. We stayed together in a pack of 4-5, dressed plainly and didn’t act obnoxiously.

  4. None of us drank more than 2-3 beers.

  5. Around midnight we straight lined it home and didn’t mess with the cabs which can be sketchy.

The point is, sure white Americans should have the right to go out alone and get drunk where they choose as long as they’re not harming anyone and we could have turned this into some stupid PC protest. But the fact of it is we chose to exercise common sense and situational awareness over acting like a dipshit tourist (aka local’s ATM). I agree, the guys who did this should be caught and charged. But I hope I raise my daughter to have common sense as well.

Agree those guys are messed up but agree more that the girl is a dumb b1tc4.

If there is one pice of wisdom I could share in my lifetime, it is to take accountability for your actions and things that happen in your life. I learned this from being an idiot when I was younger, and it’s like the saying “you make your own luck”, which I beleive to be the case almost all of the time.

The above makes sense. But you comparisons are illogical and flawed.

Getting drunk on spring break and lying on a beach is different from walking around in the hood in the middle of the night.

You realise the same argument can be made about some women in afganistan and pakistan where it is considered manatory to cover yourself from head to toe in cloth in order to avoid the prying eyes of perversed men. If we take your logic and extrapolate that around the world, should we insist that women in muslim dominated countries should feel obliged to wear the niqaab and hijab?

Ok, forget the comparison to gangsters (even if I find it to be a reasonable comparison of putting yourself in an undesirable situation without reasonable precautions). The point is that the girl wandered into a bikini grind fest half naked, got wasted in broad daylight, and to many people, “spring break” is just a term you tell your parents to avoid saying “f**k fest”. Have you ever been to spring break for US people? If not, I highly recommend it as a cultural experience.

I think the fact that all the Americans here (and I don’t consider myself to be one) think the girl was foolish reflects some kind of cultural understanding that we can learn from.

there are european places which people avoid for this very reason.

the mistake was getting on the plane ( bad things happen to good people who do stupid things)

^^^Lol you can’t seriously be comparing Oktoberfest with Springbreak.

I guess it’s kind of similar. Except spring break people are already practically naked, and they are younger (so presumably make even worse decisions).

No, I don’t think it’s the same argument at all.

  1. I said the men should absolutely be punished, what they did was wrong. You chose to overlook that.

  2. Getting blackout drunk in a potentially dangerous set of circumstances is nobody’s right. It’s a stupid decision made by stupid people. Thinking people’s rights mean they can operate in an oblivious, entitled fashion regardless of circumstance is a first world, coddled point of view. Any adult who’s had exposure to real life circumstances in real life scenarios understands you must adapt. Stepping in front of a car because pedestrians have the right of way is stupid in this same sense.

I’ve traveled through Egypt and Kuwait. Sure, I could claim it’s my God Given American USA right to have a drink in Kuwait. But it’s illegal there and I could get a 20 year jail sentence so I don’t because I’m not a f*cking idiot. In Egypt, I could have legally gotten blackout drunk and wandered the streets afterwards. I probably would have gotten royally messed up by the locals. I didn’t do that either because I’m not an idiot. This girl, she’s an idiot. The stupidity of the liberal arts sheltered PC police is mind numbing and could only exist in the minds of people who who’ve never known real consequence.

  1. The middle east is a messed up hell hole. Would it be nice if women could wear what they want without consequence? Sure. Would it be nice if I could go to Pakistan and proclaim America’s love for the big JC? Sure. Would it be nice if a child in a ghetto could ride his new bike to school without getting mugged for it? Sure. Would it be nice for an Australian to light up a J in Bali without getting life in prison? Maybe. But a foreigner failing to comprehend consequence and acting without discression or good judgement, then crying foul when the situation disintegrates does not deserve to own a passport.

That and the fact that you live three (large) states away from East LA.

Thank God only 15% of Murcans own one.

It’s 35% in 2012. If you factor in foreign born non-citizen residents it rises to 42%. If you account for the fact that the US and Europe are relatively equivalent in terms of populations and economy, the statistics for travel outside Europe for Europeans and beyond the US for US residents largely balance out. As an American I’ve found the main deterrent to travel is cost as I’m sure it is for most populations.