GARP Climate & Sustainability Risk 'SCR' exam

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Apologies if I’m posting this in the wrong place. I have recently signed up for the GARP SCR exam, and wanted to know if anyone else on here has done the same and how they are finding it? I’m finding it quite challenging at the moment, as the official textbook provided is quite repetative and there doesn’t seem to be a condensed set of notes like you get for CFA/FRM etc. I’m also slightly concerned with the lack of available practise questions.

Anyway it would be good to get other people’s thoughts on this exam.


How long do you think it will take to finish the reading??
I am planning to write in nov

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@Subhankar_Barik - No idea. The material is quite hard to digest tbh, the writing style changes drastically from one chapter to the next. Module 1 was a bit of a slog to get through.

I could definitely do with some schweser study notes, but I think the exam is too new.

When are you writing. I have completed module 1. I am making notes of important concepts. May be i try to restrict the notes to 150-200 pages that should be enough to revise before exam. I loved the material. The exam is very broad but garp did well in providing quality material.

Hi, I am thinking of registering for the SCR exam, but I still have some doubts. How many pages does the ebook from GARP actually have?

There are around 700 pages it will take about 2-3 weeks to study. The material is excellent and very well written. Great job to GARP in consolidating so many papers to prepare the material

Just finished module 4 still 200 pages of study to go. Is there any question bank to practice

Wow. I’ve it finished chapter 11, still on module 2.
The only practice questions are the 12 they have online. No question bank as such.

Hi, thank you for the answers! I have only time for the September exam this year, but I am still thinking to postpone it to next year. I have to decide yet.

Does the book consist of the readings (45 as far as I have seen) only or is there some bridging text in between which helps to put the readings into context?

Can the ebook actually be printed or is it somehow protected?

The ebook can be printed but per print only 30 pages are allowed. Start from chapter 1 till 47. So many readings give similar information. You can read the later chapter at faster pace

I’m writing the SCR on September 7, 2020. As noted, only 12 exam practice questions via GARP. Not the same material, but CFA UK’s “Certificate in ESG” grants access to their 2019 exam with answer key. 100 questions. A broader focus that the SCR™ but good prep I thought. Good luck to all. E-book was a challenge, agreed.

All the best for the exam. I an writing in November. The exam is objective and only has 80 questions. I have no idea what we are going to do for 4 hrs

is either of you done with the whole ebook?

How was your exam. Can you please elaborate on the type of questions they ask. Can you share you email address

i would also be very curious on some insights on the already conducted exams.
Thank you very much!
Best, Ludwig


I tried to take the exam on Sep. 11th via Pearson VUEs Online Exam - it didn’t workout due to technical issues which nobody (up to now) could resolve.

Someone else experience / options regarding the exam?

Thanks in advance, Alexander.

I took the exam yesterday. Went pretty smooth. First time using the remote technology. Thought I might have lost the connection for a few seconds but didn’t. The exam itself was pretty straightforward. If you are new to the space I would definitely read the material a few times. It was pretty much concepts, a few details but thought it was a very fair exam.

Any tips on on study technique? I am preparing to take the exam in November and must admit, while the content is very interesting, it is quite dense.

Agree, I was kind of overwhelmed after reading thinking about the exam. So much detail they could ask you about. There must be 150 plus organizations they mention. I have zero background in the science so a lot of it was new to me. It was pretty high level, some what would you do kinds of questions. My suggestion is read every thing twice then just make sure you read all of the learning objectives and have general understanding of them. No trick questions like how much ice melt over xxx period or what was in COP 8 vs. COP 9.

Good luck