General first date question

So, I’m wondering here, for a first date, is it better to just catch up for drinks, or to do a whole dinner first?

Seems like maybe a dinner could be a bit full on at first, drinks is mroe likely to be looser, and more distractions around?

What y’all think?

Nah, get liquored up and make out. Although, you can do this while having dinner. Just make sure you can pick a decent bottle of red.

It’s a lot cheaper just to do a happy hour. The NPV is much higher that way when you reduce the initial outlay for the lay.

Definitely drinks. Dinner sends the message that you are treating her and are really into her. Even if that is the case, it’s better to take it slow. Even if you have a good income, I would recommend drinks at some place cheap and not fancy to start off with (I like dive bars). She’ll like you more if you don’t fawn over her with dinner, flowers, etc. You can ramp it up over time if she’s worth spending more on. She should be impressing you in the early stages, not the other way around.

why not propose? its original, gets her attetion, and the right thing to do…if she says yes you know she likes you and you won’t have to post on here again…if no, then you can post onhere again why she is calling the cops on you…

What? What happened to the previous girl? We are already emotionally invested.

I’m also a fan of having your parents meet her parents first over dinner and proposing a dowry. See if her dad has any useful business connections that would create synergies for you or help you get promoted.

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I was going to say “Wait, first date again?” but CFAvsMBA really says it better.


I dont have a first date lined up. Im just wondering, as was discussing this with a friend today. And was giving my preference for him to go the drinks!!

But since dating vicariously is almost as fun as the real thing (and less expensive), I would have to say that dinner is always good unless you are worried about running out of things to talk about. Or you met them online and are not sure whether or not you will want to run screaming for the hills when you meet them.

I wasn’t clever enough to do this of late, but I think it is a good idea to have a different place in mind for dessert and after-dinner drinks, so that if dinner goes well, you suggest going somewhere more intimate (though you don’t need to say “more intimate”). If it doesn’t go well, then just have dessert where you have dinner, and if it goes badly, you skip dessert entirely.

You see, in life, it all boils down to dessert.

Transfer Price is either a) liar b) retarded c) a&b

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Def drinks first time. It’s easier and you can bail sooner if it sucks. Also, I find it annoying trying to talk to someone when I’m eating a decent meal.

CFABB makes a good point. Basically, if you want to go on a real date, and you are pretty sure that she would too, then dinner is the standard. But drinks can be good under the following conditions:

  1. You meet online and you’re not sure if you’re going to like the real person as much as the online persona.

  2. You are not sure that you or the other person are going to have enough to talk about to make it through a full meal.

  3. You are not sure if the other person feels comfortable in an unambiguously “dating” situation, and so “drinks” gives you social cover for “just hanging out.”

  4. For some other reason you think you would want to bail quickly.

  5. One (or both) of you is cheating on someone else (not that I advocate this, but it happens).

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