Have any of you ever experienced the denail of a one-night encounter on the premise the opposition saw potential in you?

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Well, if you experienced a de-nail, then you would first have be nailed. smiley

Jokes aside, in my experience, that’s a little more common the other way around. If I really hit it off with a girl that I wanted to make long-term, I’d try to wait it out a little longer. But I’ve never heard of a girl not giving it up because she sees potential. If anything, I think that makes them want to give it up sooner.

she sees a potential ‘friend’

I actually have, my current girl.

We met on a drunken “school uniform” night at our university nightclub. We’d seen each other around previously but never really spoken until that night. Things were going well and then all of sudden she starts saying she has to leave, she has to get a cab and go home straight away etc, I tried to be smooth and talk my way into getting the cab with her but she was having none of it. Jumped in a cab by herself and didn’t even leave me her number.

I got married the day before my 21st birthday; I’ve never had to deal with this sort of junk.

I encourage you to do the same.

I don’t really understand the question. Who is “the opposition?” Surely that’s not how you look at the woman you are trying to seduce. If it is, no wonder she didn’t want it.

If a woman likes you, she will sometimes hold off to see if it’s a temporary feeling or an enduring one. Usually this is because if it’s going to be an enduring one, she doesn’t want to seem too easy, because easy often means the guy moves quickly on to someone else.

Also, if she sees “potential” in you, presumably she wants something that’s more than one night long, and says no to something that is clearly just for one night. I guess that’s what you meant, yes?

I don’t understand this junk at all.

Find a good woman and marry her. I did that 34½ years ago, and have never regretted it for an instant.

What move did u make or what did u say that she denied?

It is part of the girl code to not sleep with a guy you are truly interested in after first date/encounter. If you are a master of seduction, you should be able to overcome this rule.

bchad this is pretty much what she said to me after we had been dating a while and I called her out. Girls don’t want to appear too easy or slutty to guys they are genuinely interested in and see a future with. Well, more mature girls with their heads screwed on properly at least.

S2000 this is easier said than done! There are lots of bad apples out there that look like good apples on the surface, we also have to fight natural temptation/instinct to fornicate with hot women regardless of whether we see a future with them or not.

Who was that guy who used to post here - maybe it was transferpricing, who got naked with his coworker and then they didn’t do it because she didn’t want to be taken advantage or something.

I think you’re wasting your breath. I agree with you that getting married (provided that you find the right girl) is a wonderful deal. Bt you’ll have a hard time convincing most around here of that.

I got married at 21, divorced at 23, then did my fair share of carousing between 23 and 26 (when I met my wife now). But even in my “wild and woolly” days, I never had the seek-and-conquer mentality that most of the guys on this forum have.

I always wanted to find the right girl and settle down. But most of the guys on this forum think that marriage is betting 1/2 your money that your marriage will be in the 1/2 that are successful. Ergo, you lose 25% of your money by getting married.

The majority of women were different back then. You see what most girls are interested in these days?

Not saying there are good girls out there, it’s just getting hard to find em.

So wait, you have been dating a while and she didn’t want to go to the next level because she sees potential? Something doesn’t add up here. Either “seeing potential” is just trying to let you down easy, or “a while” is really short, or she thinks you aren’t that into her and will fly the coop the moment you’ve had a taste.

A good chunk of 20-somethings grew up without a stable father figure, so they don’t know what being a man is really all about. So they bang chicks, because they figure that’s what makes a dude manly.

no you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. When we first met, she turned down my offer of going back to her place, fast forward a few months of dating, I ask her about it and her response was along the lines of not wanting to appear too easy since she actually liked me.

I hate it when chicks who want to be with you don’t sleep with you and it turns out she does this because she actually sleeps with a lot of guys on first dates she doesn’t like…I find it insulting. Then again if she sleeps with me on the first date, I may think shes too easy and not worth the chase…or I might like her…it’s a double edged sword. Solution, women should not be slutty and not sleep with any guy on the first date whether she sees potential or not…that way when she finds a guy she likes she won’t have the slutty past.

my saying is “find the least crazy woman and marry her”

I’m with my man s2000 here. Deep down all I want is a wife, family, some kiddos running around and doing the whole little league thing. However, good women are hard to come by.

Guy who claim the chase is all the fun or one nighters suffice are lying to themselves. Sure it’s fun to get your rocks off, but how many of us have this deep emptiness after the fact. I know I do.

Go on and flame away calling me emotion, pathetic, faggie, etc. I don’t care. While the chase can be fun, it sure is secondary to something real.

Aha, that makes sense. Also I just realized that it was AfricaFarmer answering that, not the OP.