Girls again

Well, another female related question…

I been seeing this new girl for 2 months now. Didnt realise until just hen that its only 2 months, actually quite short.

But weve been hanging out alot the alst month, like at least 3 times a week seeing eachother. I can tell she’s really into me, and I really like her. But when she elft my palce this morning, she seemeda bit strange.

So I sent her a text this morning on the way to work, just thanking her for a massage she gave me last night saying my back felt much better. A kind of fishing text, to see if she responds and how, but its been over 2 hours and ive heard nothing back!

Yeh, im probably over reacting, but what if Im not? I guess it would be strange for her to all of a sudden change her feelings the next morning??

Any ideas on my next play!!!???

Ignore her. Don’t send her any more texts. If you do want to make contact with her do it by phone. Texts are weak. Don’t dwell on this whatsoever. Women want from men most of all a sense of confidence and certainty. Keep the good times rolling between you two and don’t sweat it.

Tikka is spot on. Nothing makes girls run in the opposite direction faster than a clingy insecure guy. Don’t sweat it and you’ll be fine.

Transfer dude, you gots to chill man.

Maybe message her again, but include pictures of yourself in various states of undress.

Well, she did text back at lunch time, so assume she was actually working. So I guess all is ok - still who knows with women. I gotta say its weird, when I dont hear from her I want her more, but when I do its like whatever and I just wanna bang other chicks!

transferring, come on man, I’m sure you know better than stress over and overthink insignificant stuff…

I gotta say its weird, when I dont hear from her I want her more, but when I do its like whatever and I just wanna bang other chicks! Truer words have never been spoken!

Next time punch her in the face when she doesn’t respond to your text within 10 minutes You need to draw the line somewhere man. Stop being a wuss and take charge of your relationship!

^ no donkey punch and you’ll be ok

Just follow the golden rule of dealing with women…“make it so they need you more than you need them.”

maybe she’s just upset you haven’t banged her yet. seeing a girl about 3 times a wk for 2 months with now action is just… maybe she’s confused. she probably thinks you’re into guys instead. you gotta lay thee pipe asap

TWO HOURS? For f*cks sake sir, girls want a bit of a chase. Remember they have what you want but you don’t need to remind them of that every second. Show interest but never give them the edge. My advice if you really like this chick is to make a move but do so after making her want you. I’m not talking about being a douche but you need to create a little bit of intrigue. From your post it sounds like you talk to her quite a bit during the day and what not… knock it off. Step 1 - Scale it back considerably. Don’t contact her as much. Take a bit longer to respond to her if she sends you texts, but most importantly don’t be a dick about it. Just seem a little more occupied than normal. Step 2 - Go out with your friends, without her. Step 3 - Surprise her. As you’ve been spending the last week or so building up distance now is a great time to plot a little surprise. Maybe some flowers at her office or tell her to meet you somewhere at a certain time but don’t tell her what’s up… etc. Use your imagination. Step 4 - F*ck her already. What are you waiting for? That’s what we’re all after, let’s be honest. You cannot argue with our natural biology.

No flowers or “surprises” until you bang her. Unless she is a strict religious nut or from a some atavistic culture where her parents will kill her if she bangs you then you need to bang her and do it quickly. Never ever apologize to a girl for wanting to have sex with her or other women in general. I don’t know what kind of Jane Austin view of sex you may or may not have been given but you need to let a girl know that your interested in her sexually pretty much from the start. I’m not exactly sure why, but if you don’t then they compartmentalize you into the “friend zone” where the imagine you as a male walking around without a penis - sterile. Don’t be an Omega Male that way. This is easy. Touch her. If she doesn’t look uncomfortable, touch her more. Have her touch you. Stay confident and relaxed. Keep doing this until you are having sex. Back to my original statement of never apologizing for wanting sex. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with just telling girls the truth straight off the bat once we start getting intimate things like: a) I am incapable of monogymist in the long term. b) I like younger women. c) I want to have a lesbian threesome with you and another girl. d) I find your friend attractive and wouldn’t mind, well, you know. Maybe for our threesome e) the list goes on… but I’ll spare you. In all cases, I find that women accept it if you are straight forward with them about these things right off the bat and they don’t really feel that bad about them. LOS: Be yourself, but be confident about that. Even if you are dirt bag, so long as you are a reasonable looking dirt bag with money, a job, and brains there are lots of hot chicks out there that will want you. If you’re not a dirt bag, don’t pretend to be one. If you are a nice guy omega male then be one, but be a confident nice guy who doesn’t give a damn that dirt bags are out slaying more tail then you.

Let me just announce that I HAVE BANGED HER, many many many times. This is no problem. I think I just “got it bad” for her, and I guess we have only been seeing eachother 2 months and I thought she seemed a bit odd yesterday morning when she left. I think I am supposed to see her tonight, but I dunno if I should initiate first contact or wait to see if she does. Thing is if she doesnt I’ll be upset, I really wanna bang!

Are you really in Botswana? Good that you banged her. I’d just tell her straight up in your own words, “Hey, I need you to come over tonight to well, scratch an itch.” Don’t bother addressing the other problems. There’s a pretty good chance she will just say, “Ok, cool what time,” and you will be delivered from your fears immediately. If you get a lukewarm response to a confident and direct request for sex then you can bet there is a problem.

Na I aint in botswana, in Europe. Girls here can be strange, theyre all into equality and stuff (crazy I know?). And going gung ho like that could be a bit much. They want the sex and love it and all, but also want it to be about more than that.

I don’t think women want equality - well maybe legally and most certainly they do and in terms of pay. But when it comes to sex I think there is definitely a master & servant role built into their psyche. Most (and certainly not all, or your lady necessarily) seem to respond pretty well to a mature, confident, and stable guy basically calling the shots. I wouldn’t suggest being rude, that’s not necessary, but I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you want.

well i said lets see eachother tonight. She hasnt responded, bee over an hour!!! I really think something has changed, she was totally into me before. I mean we spent the whole weekend together, then on monday morning to suddenly change her mind??? Weird

if you have already banged her, than you have accomplished your objective. move on to classier babes.