good luck with results everyone


On China I dunno. But due to the large US debt owed to China, I believe they deserve to be paid in CPA, CFA, PHD , MBA, BJ if they want.

I was thinking of another thing. I strongly believe that CFAI should change exam timing. New Zealand and Australia to Start at 1600 their local time. The UAE at 1200. NY at 0900. CA at 0700. Ie, increase the overlap.

Candidates should stay for both sessions without being able to reach their mobiles. Bootcamp format.

Trying to find an excuse if you fail and your chinese/foreigner friend don’t?

Focus on your test, forget about others, the level os security is the same, CFAI standardize the procedures for scrutiny, and YES, they send reps to test centers outside US

Not to tell that everyone who does the CFA knows the sanctions for cheating…

I don’t think he is trying to find an excuse, and I think his concern is completely legitimate. He is asking if the exam is administered fairly to everyone and if special precautious are taken for countries in which cheating is not only allowed but acctually endorsed. China and India are among some of the countries in which cheating is something that people are acctually proud of. Here is an excerpt that I read from Mao sometime ago when discussing this topic with a friend,

“At examinations whispering into each other’s ears and taking other people’s places ought to be allowed. If your answer is good and I copy it, then mine should be counted as good. Whispering in other people’s ears and taking examinations in other people’s names used to be done secretly. Let it now be done openly. If I can’t do something and you write down the answer, which I then copy, this is all right. Let’s give it a try. We must do things in a lively fashion, not in a lifeless fashion.”


Serious? A quote from Mao Tse-Tung from 50 year ago??? The level of precaution is the same for all countries (and that is how it should be)

Just Stop, it is getting worst…

Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses

First off, the quote was meant to describe the general milieu towards cheating. If you want statistics, you can search them up yourself. You can start by reading this:

Second, using “same level of precaution” might not be enough. I come from Eastern Europe, where cheating was and is rampart, but did my UG and graduate school in the US. Although this comes from anecdotal experience, I assure you that most US students would rather get an F than cheat, which is not something I can say for the majority of Eastern Europe. The attidute towards cheating is simply different in some countries…

For instance, I can imagine this scenario hapening:

Someone takes the PM test, leaves in about an hour after memorizing all the answers. Afterwards, students get paged through a morse-type code the answer to each question in a sequence through a small vibrating device.

The start of a question is denoted through a long 3 second vibration, followed by the answer

A: half a second vibration

B. one second vibration

C. 2 second vibration

After answers to all 60 questions are provided, there is a 3 minute pause, followed again by the sequence of answers.

Consider also that in my test center, NY, pens were not checked, and that one can easily use a scanning pen or a pen with a small camera to take the information out of the testing center and then sell it someplace else. You can find dozens of reviews for those if you want. Again: see here:

Applying the same level of precaution to people who come from a culture of cheating as to people in which cheating is frowned upon is not enough.


U can’t be serious, such modern techniques for cheating, I think you are spending to much time on it., and you are also being racist. Using examples of high school studentes does not make any sense (We all did some stupid things when we are young, some more then others)

And when I said that the standards are the same, I mean that they are very strict for everyone (and they really are! With a lot of proctors walking and looking around the test center all time).

Now, if we follow the same kind of relationship, what about saying that americans love to spy on everyworld personal sh*it, so do the CFA Institute take special precautions to avoid US candidates to spy on other candidates exam?? Ooohh imagine if they build a microflycamera and use it to record japaneses mtf supergenius exam and then broadcast it to rich americans that paid for it through low frequency, nanosize receivers inside their brains #ironymodeon LOL

Security is often misunderstood. Think about locks on a house. If you had to get in a house that had the front door deadbolted and the handled locked as well, how long do you think it would take you to get in? Probably less than 1 minute. Windows can be easily broken and cleared with things laying around the outside of houses. Why then, do we lock our homes? Psychological safety, and it’s cheap. Most people won’t break into a home even without locks. Some people would be just tempted enough to take others’ stuff if there were no locks used. And some people will find a way if they have to get past large dogs and dance through lasers like a movie. Locks are for the second group, and they’re not needed for the first group. A simple barrier like a lock (or checking calculators) is enough to keep basically all people who could be prevented from entering your home, from entering your home (or bringing in pen cameras and morse-coding memorized answers to someone’s ear).

Anyway, hopefully you are all just trolling and not actually concerned about this.

My argument doesn’t apply to only high-school students. You have already been provided with examples how these devices are put into use. If you don’t want to believe them and stupidly defend your ground without any proper justification, do so, I’m not going to stop you.

And funny thing you calling me racist when when my wife is asian, when majority of my friends and aquitanaces are asian, and when I seek to learn Mandarin so that I can interact with a growing number of clinets from China. Very fitting to rely on name-calling when you can’t seem to support your position.

Typical answer of a racist, “you can’t say I’m racist because a have an ansian friend and bla bla bla, but I think that special precautions must be taken at China Test Centers because chineses cheat”


If you are saying that chinese can cheat via morse code messages (LMOFG), what guarantees to you that an american/european/brazilian/etc can not?

Thats it I’m donne, and not concern about this, in CFA you don’t compete with others, you compete with yourself, that’s how I think, let’s see in august, good luck

I don’t believe the kind of cheating out guys are describing happens for a reputed exam like CFA anywhere in the world. These Asian countries have their own accounting certifications which is way tougher than CPA and those exams are highly confidential and cheating free.

Regarding many Chinese CFA, there are two primary reason: 1. They have the highest population in the world. 2. They are intelligent too. Just look at higher education enrollment in US universities. Half of them are Chinese and they compete well with their American counterparts.

Seriously, your’re a douchebag who can’t even read. Where in my statement you could justifiably say that I’m a racist. I feel bad for wasting my time on you.

I don’t know why Chinese would cheat on CFA exams when their university entrance exam (gao-kao) is way tougher than any exams most westerners will ever take.

You are creating a stereotype, and based on that saying that the treatment to chineses candidates should be different, in my country this is racism… PS: hope that your asian wife isnt chinese, like you said chineses cheat…

Perhaps timings were changed for the reason you mentioned.

Previously, all candidates sat the exam around the same hours, which was a Saturday for the West and a Sunday for the East (e.g. Europe first and then ANZ, PRC etc).

Nowadays all students sit the exam on Saturday, i.e. ANZ first. ANZ scores are anecdotally above average.

The main reason I can think of is because the majority of level 1 and 2 content is already taught at University.

As such, it is more likely students in the US have been briefed on the questions from the Chinese, because they sit the test first.

i.e. the ideal way to cheat would be to pay spies to sit the exam in NZ, and then relay answers to students about to sit the exam 12 hours later in Hawaii or California.

Good luck getting people to attend a test venue at 1600H or 0700H. How is public transport going to work for 1000s of candidates at 2300H or 0600H?

One could just replace the hardware inside a 12c so that it works as calculator/wireless com device. And thinking about it, this sounds quite simple to accomplish. Wouldn’t be surprised if it had already been made

Guys be wise, especially op and others who may think and express along juveniles Casting doubt over any CFA test centres may be flirting with standard I and VII respectively. I don’t want to get into the stupid argument of racism but beware for your own sake before making unfounded comments. Just for the record test centres in India don’t allow candidates to enter the exam hall if it is 8:02. So forget abt. any other adventures.