good luck with results everyone

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Hi amr5434, I specially registered myself to analystforum, just to share a story with you.

There was an analyst with MBB (congras kid, you got into the number one!). One day he was asked to check why one entity performed much better than other entities in the corp. The poor kid did everything he learnt at business school and made a very MBB style deck. The smart pupil thought, numbers might not be enough, I need some icing on top of the cake. So he added one more point, stating that the great cultural in the office drove the performance and all other offices should follow the same. Guess what? The poor kid was fired. Business school 101, never ever attribute anything unexplainable to cultural difference.

Well, one more story to share. This time is personal experience.

I did three CFA exams in China, both Beijing and Shanghai, and one in Singapore. I did not see any difference in terms of test security. Most of the candidates followed rules and for those who did, I did hear they were requested to stay after the exam, by the proctor.

You could never imagine it took a candidate two hours to reach the test center in Beijing, because of no public transport accessibility and the resulting terrible traffic jam. Respect your fellow peers and do not judge by a wild guess. I think this should be probably be included in code of ethics in future.

good luck for your results

What makes you all so sure that there is no cheating in the US or elsewhere in the world?

Please be careful… You are just about on the verge

Asia used to take the exam on a Sunday, after Europe. A few years back they changed it so now Asia including China is one of the earliest countries to take the CFA exam. I sat my L3 exam in Hong Kong, at GMT 2 a.m. on 6th June. Hypothetically, unscrupulous people in the Western Hemisphere could utilise this information to their unfair advantage when they sit the exam the next day. Should another nasty post questioning this arrangement along racial lines be started?

You might not have seen the world, but that shouldn’t prevent you from being a decent person and being respectful to people that have made such effort studying for this qualification on the other side of the World, many of whom are doing it in a second language. You are entitled to how you feel and what you believe but starting such a nasty post on a public forum like this is disgraceful and disrespectful to the honest candidates who unfortunately fall victim to your Representative Bias.

Worth rethinking the appropriateness of your comments before someone decides to report you to the CFAI and certainly before this gets shared in one of the popular Chinese CFA forums.

@ Ballon_321 calm down. I am already taking the note of the matter. Any more obnoxious statements from the this and this matter would be reported along with the IP address of the poster along with OP.

I have already warned once, another idiot just retorted without understanding the risk of it…

Let one more idotic statement come through and see where it lands

Would be lovely if you can just explain the statistical probability of those people all managing to find that “someone”, at least 2.5/3 years in a row, within a small pool of talent that can consistently pass this exam, to pass the exam on their behalf.

Asheru pls state the names and contacts, i will not hestitate to report to CFAI for investigation.

Lol, all the OP was intended to do was ask a question - “are the appropriate measures being taken in China to ensure the integrity of the exam?”

Challenging the CFAI is not a violation.

I deleted the OP because it turned into a giant flamewar, which was not my intention. Relax, dude.

Guys I think imagination is taking its toll… so sime peoole would steaL so let them… can you stop it ? Remember any system has its flaws so CFA INSTITUTE is not the exception.

So you suggest that CFAI should somehow treat Chinese candidate differently? To me, applying different treatments to people from different groups is discrimination. If it’s based on ethnics, then it’s racism. Also, Logic 101: Having Asian friends or an Asian wife doesn’t mean you are not racist, and not having any of them doesn’t mean you are racist either. If you truely care about the fairness, then applying the same strict security policy is more justifiable, considering that a cheater can always sit in a less strict test centre. Dfferent precaution level to different ethnical group hey?

#meansyougotyellowfever #likeME


On the verge of what? You reporting me to CFAI for posting a picture that made the news and indicates how desperate some people in some countries are to escape their circumstances. You should be very very careful. While freedom of speech is sacrosanct where I live, slander and breach of privacy (given that YOU have no access to anyone’s IP on here unless you steal it) are criminal offences. I am sorry to be the one to tell you, but if cannot take the heat of other people questioning your culture ypu chose the wrong field of work. You better grow some thick skin, buddy.

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It is simple, the more closed is the culture the more men try to express themselves because of the excess adrenaline in their system hence they fight…

So the suggestion is simple : chill out and preferablly in the company of the opposite sex…

Brazil is the living example of your (correct) thesis.

I invite you all to come. Plenty of options here. Unfortunately my sister is taken…

It is the largest lebanese colony outside Lebanon (round 4MM) and a huge jewish community as well.

There are amazing stories like a syrian who earns a living by selling kippahs or the jewish that handles arab money because he is reliable.

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There is no free lunch. Especially when the lunch is free.

I think that the same rules should be applied to all people. I apologize if it somehow came off as if I was discriminating or if I was categorizing a group of people based on a stereotype. This was never my intention. What I brought up is a point related to systematic differences in how people view cheating in different cultures. I pointed out how in Eastern Europe, Inida, and China, cheating is not viewed as a grave offense as in some other countries. I don’t see what wrong I did by dicussing this topic. To me, calling someone a racist based on what I said is a sign of race baiting, and it shows ignorance on their part. As to what relates to the CFAI exam policies. I do think that they should consider being more strict, and that the same criteria for strictness should be applied to all candidates, in all countries, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Having a friend might not be an indicative of not being racist. But having a wife definitely means you’re not racists. You’re sharing her race in your off springs. So don’t be an idiot a$$.

Few years ago, the PMI temporarily stopped providing PMP tests in India. They started again after they applied stricter measures. When you might need stricter measures? When, for eg, it’s easy to get a fake ID.

The OP never suggested to implement different measures. He wondered whether the same measures are used.

Mikewinner: you watch Fox News alot; or Bill Maher. My advice to you is to…read

Don’t think with your butt while farting through your head

Tell me you are not suggesting applying different level of precaution to different ethnical groups? The comment is clearly racist and ignorant. I don’t know you, so I can’t call you racist or idiot a$$. I’m only referring to your comments. I dare you tell your Asian clients that they are those who come from a culture of cheating (and so the CFAI, or the U.S. Government, if they don’t have much to do with CFAI, should apply more strict precaution to them.) Good luck!

This logic is flawed. A counter example, let’s say one has a Japanese wife, but discriminates Chinese, Indian or African. Is he being racist?