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Guys, things are getting increasingly out of control. While, I have little doubt over the true intent of some OP, ink, I am highway others are unnecessarily getting drawn in interpretation issues that ARE LEAST REQD. For the sanity of all, may I remind that this thread was initiated with SUGGESTIONS THAT CHINESE AND INDIANS “MAY BE” PASSING THEIR CFA BY ADOPTING UNETHICAL MEANS INCL. CHEATING… BECAUSE IT IS “tacitly or directly” allowed in their culture. If this is not a racial issue or casting a slur and dpubting the competence and ethical conduct of a fellow CFA candidate, then what else is? AF has been a great place and I have always benefitted from this forum. In fact made a friend or two from here. Just because certain ignorant, hide bound idiots want to divide the community , we MUST choose not to subscribe to their views, irrespe tive of where we come from. Thwart all such efforts that encourage casting baseless d oubt over a fellow CFA aspirant or discriminate one’s CFA credentials just because the one belongs to a particular ethinicity. Additionally, please do not risk violating the ethical code of conduct and std. VII Hope sanity prevails after this.

Would having a Chinese wife, like in my case, who also supports my view that in Chinese culture cheating is generally more tolerated relative to the US, satisfy your logic?

I regret mentioning my relationship to friends and wife as a defense, because by doing so I shifted my argument from something that is based on evidence (e.g., reports of massive cheating at tests) to something that is based on my personal relationships. I want to point out that I agree that there are crooks in every culture, but this doesn’t discount the fact that there are some broad differences in attitudes towards cheating. To provide one example: in undegraduate classes in the US, professors would often not even be present in the room when you took an exam, and the majority of the people simply did their best, regardless of what grade they would get. The same sort of protocol towards administering exams would probably not pan out in other places because lack of proper supervision would encourage people to cheat.

As I mentioned earlier, we should apply the same standards to all people. That would only be fair. I also mentioned in my previous post that in some countries the protocol for administering an exam is lax and that the same standard applied elsewhere would probably not work as well. This is precisely the reason why in China, when students sit for Gaokao, there have been recently put very strict protocols for electronic devices, while for tests such as SAT, GMAT, GRE, (CFAI?) which have been originally created for students from the US/Europe, the criteria for test administration are more lax. Now tell me, why are Chinese so paranoid about their own tests that they rely on metal detectors, drones, and devices that check for electro-magnetic activity. Don’t all these actions on their part reflect a realization that “yes, we have a lot of cheating going on and we need to work on it. To do this we must use more strict measures to combat cheating.”

Also tell me, what would happen if you administred an exam without any supervision in an undegraduate institution in China relative to the US?




The logic only deal with racism, which says that any comment that suggests different standards should be applied to different ethnical groups is racist. That’s basically the definition. Your wife’s comment alone will be politically incorrect, unless she goes further stating something like “I think the CFAI/U.S. Border service should exam every Chinese candidate/passenger more strict because they are more likely to cheat/smuggle illegal substance because of their culture of cheating.” Now that will be racist.

Ok, I see your point, but I don’t think you get my point yet. You think I want to have same “lax” standards everywhere? No, that’s not what I’m suggesting. I’m suggesting that the same “strict” standards should be applied everywhere. Also I disagree your suggestion that different standards should be applied. For two reasons, 1) It will be considered as ethnical discrimination. 2) Rich Chinese candidates can fly to a U.S. test centre that’s lax and take the exam there.

Let me tell you this. This thread had nothing to do with racial debates and cultural supremacy until SJWs like you showed up. I can tell you, I am European, but I enjoyed a large part of my higher education in the US and believe me when I tell you I have witnessed large cultural differences in attitudes towards test-taking and cheating. In Europe, cheating is so rampant that some professors don’t even bother anymore (I heard about this law exam where the professor opened a large newspaper during the exam, rattled it twice and never cast an eye on the students exchanging papers until 5 minutes to the end of the exam). Students do not bother when their peers cheat. On the contrary, they often congratulate each other for creative cheating techniques and ask for cheating tips. Such behavior would be unimaginable on any self-respecting campus in the US.

CFAI is very much based on the honor code that is enacted on most US colleges. Although all candidates know what they signed up for, I would still encourage CFAI to enforce stricter rules in regions where cheating is more commonplace (including Europe). That would begin by hiring competent proctors from the US rather than local salesclerks. When I took the exam in Germany, the proctors were a bunch of helpless hirees, who although trying their best, had no idea about the importance of the exam or the strict ethical code candidates should adhere. All they cared about was their paycheck at the end of the day. I do not think bribes are an issue, but if the people administering the exam are not culturally primed for the strict code of conduct that applies to it, how can you be sure that testing policies are the same globally.

If you think this is an argument about race, you are dead wrong. It most certainly is an argument about culture and if you think culture should be left out of this whole debate you only come across as a simple-minded cultural protectionist.

Oh thanks I did not know that the brain washing channels like CNN exist for your info I don’t watch that shit I will have a read provided you pepe would just revise the statistics analysis … can’t freaking decide what is the population in Dubai taking CFA exam you dug are out of your freaking mind Arabs 35% by default you have 75 Indians in Dubai so have a look at statistics and then come to the big boys table homes… Lastly if you don’t get jokes you need to report me to the CFA institute so you can feel better … Also so freaking stupid remark about the wife… people can be married but still exhibit racism this means shit I am of a feeling that we are by default are somewhat racists to some extent some are very vivid some less… Russians vs Ukrainias Arabs vs Jews Tibet vs China Lots others take ur pick It is about perception… one should remember perception is someone’s reality. …

Dear, you are being racist. Why did you group Japanese, Chinese, Indians and Africans? All are unique and all have their own social problems. What I meant is if someone is married to a Chinese lady he is not racist against Chinese people. He’s engaged in the closest possible relation with them. It’s ok for him even to criticize them as he criticizes his own race; he’s family with them.

you are an idiot. What does the population of the city have to do with CFA takers? most of workers from the Indian subcontinent work in constructions and retail, are you assuming they participate at the same percentage in the CFA exam? Moron. Still as I said, they represented the majority of takers, but not 70%. Also, I assume a misinformed idiot like you mix Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghans, and Sri Lankan together.

You must have a huge a$$ to pull the statistics of the 70% Indians in Dubai. Jerk

On the positive side, you seem to be too sensitive. You carry your idiocy and grudge from a thread to thread. You have issues kido. Seek some help. I agree that the net can form a refuge to your type. A second life to you. But still, it seems that this virtual life could hurt your delicate soul. Man up you idiot f@%K. Have a thick skin. Accept criticism. It’s not personal unless you’re too much of an a$$.

You have issues; a lot of them.

Just open your eyes dum ass !

Count the CFA charter holders at least in CFA emirates society…

for stupid folks like yourself I will repeat there are by default 70% Indians in UAE and more than 70% CFA candidates in UAE !

Advice to you mf stop quoting other people with your freaking thick skin shit and be real !

It seems all you do is learning English and freaking watching chuck Norris movies lastly falling in love on the freaking exam day !

ps even if you have a Chinese wife does not mean you like Chinese people better ! Bloody hell go through the statistics again on false correlation

aha, and this is why you’re taking that long to get the Charter. There’s no shame on taking long years to get the Charter, the shame is in calling yourself winner. You’re a delusional person with a very low IQ. You can read, but you cant understand. Am starting to like you. You are too easy. Anything can get on your nerves. I noticed you use many references from old posts of mine, you got obsessed by me. You are too weak. Few remarks drove you crazy. I like you. Going back to the REMARK THAT STARTED IT ALL, even if you claim not to be influenced by Fox NEWS, you perfectly fit the type. I nominate you Ann Coulter of the UAE; though she’s twice the man you are.

Get over it dude. It’s a forum, we share thoughts; with respect; a lot of respect; teasing sometimes; but respect is always there.

Whatever makes you feel better pal…I am not arguing with you … For the record I have no freaking idea who is that person named Ann is… If she is the man twice than me good for her…Could not care less…

Liked some of your remarks on a serious note…you on a contrary seem to have a high iq good luck with that… Still suggest you give the statistics another chance or order glasses to better estimate the sample of the population )))

I’m cool with that. Actually you could have gone way farther. Just keep it cool without the nasty stuff. I liked the “seem to have a high iq good luck with that”; the sarcasm in this has strong merits. High IQ doesn’t equate success.



hey there again…

i dont know what is wrong with you … there must be some cruel teachers in your childhood that told you exactly the time when you needed to go go…you keep telling me and other folks here first what to think, what to read then what to watch and now what to write ?

let me phrase you… – man up , you are no longer in the kinder garden !

coming back to the topic, agree with “architect”

dont freaking recognize what is written below … must a new language for privileged folks…or for folks with special needs…

^^ Dude, you have some issues in understanding. I didn’t attack you in my last post. It seems you understand things differently. It might be a cultural thing. Take it easy dude

Yep, agree there was no attack per se… just commented on the way you are suggesting me to write… take it easy pal – all cool…

but lastly, shooting the cultural thing is low… take my advice … this is what the people who are confused would always use as an exucuse, I mean no disrepect here, but hear yourself out, already labeling me to the “generic” culture factor, without having any background on me, which means for you generally any disconnect, logical or ilogical would basically mean a cultural thing, believe me it does not bode well for a dude with high iq like yourself which I think what you are claiming. On a claim I hypothesize but rooting for you, since you named me a low iq individual in your earlier posts, I assumed only a high iq individual could do such a thing…

as far as issues go I guess we all do have some…

take care

I’m not convinced. It’s ok to criticize, even if you are not married to a Chinese lady, but suggesting applying different standards to different ethnical groups are just racism/ethnical discrimination, no matter what. The logic/definition is quite simple. The content is racist, no matter who said it.

The following will make things more complicated, but just for the conversation. The closest relationship with Chinese is become a Chinese, and there have been many Chinese who think Chinese (that include themselves, their spouses and their children) should be treated as a second-class citizen. They are being called self-discriminating/self-hating Chinese by the Chinese community, and there are a lot of them in Canada and the states.

The current Canadian minister of immigration department married a Chinese lady. He has been criticized for discriminating Chinese people by the Chinese community for making immigration policies that hurt the Chinese applicants the most. Not saying he is, personally he denies, like a politician always do, but it’s very likely, by the policies he made so far.

Also, do a little Google search, you will find a lot articles, with good reasons, will conclude that, yes, you can still display racist characters, even if you have an interracial marriage.