good luck

thanks for all the help and support over the last year and for some of you, last 2 years. i’m hoping we can all do it again at level 3. good luck tomorrow. later… fck i hope we all pass.

first post in a couple months…was just going to post the same subject. best wishes all! man i’m getting nervous.

Good luck to all. Hopefully we are partying tomorrow.

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Good luck to all. Hopefully we are partying > tomorrow. Crushin Nattys and makin it rain

mpnoonan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > Crushin Nattys and makin it rain :slight_smile:

Yeah! Good luck to those who took the exam and for those who are going to take it next year. I hope the pass rate is high. If it is close and one do not make it I hope one has the strength to rise again and ace it.

Luck is for rabbits. See y’all in hell.

Good to see plyon back and in top form.

mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Good to see plyon back and in top form. Haven’t worked a real job in five months, but I start in Pittsburgh come September. Trying to keep my edge, ya know? Too much sailing and waaaayyy to much beer and wine have made me soft.

Rock on LII forum. You all helped me a lot, hopefully I returned the favor somewhat. It’s time to close the book on this B!tch and take on Level III. Hopefully we will all be starting phase III tomorrow. Thanks to all.

Good luck everyone, I hope we all pass.

Most of time I was not participating rather just watching but I gotta see this year’s level 2 AFer’s are the best among all years. seriously

Ladies and Gentlemen: “I wish I could say something that’s classy and inspirational … but it wouldn’t be our style… It’s been an honor sharing the field of battle with you.” -Keanu Reeves in The Replacements Best of luck, and see ya tomorrow.

Please count me in for tomorrow party!!! Good luck for all guys …

Good Luck to all… Hope we all have the similar disussions as for L2 on the L3 forum… The forum has helped a lot during the time of preparation, anxiety and helplessness…

good luck fellas…

good luck to all of us :slight_smile: hope for the best

good luck to all

Good luck! dang…i still haven’t decided if i should wake up at 6am or 9am PST tomorrow…sigh. Is anybody on the west going to set their alarms to 6am tomorrow?

I have two wonderful gifts last year - a baby and a pass. I am not greed this year, I just need a pass.