Got CFA Books This Morning

::throws up on desk::

that bad Caspian. I need to register. :frowning:

Its just annoying to do this all over again.

I hear you… You are not alone dude

def not alone. I have yet to register too and plan to use the books for accounting and for port management only.

Is ethics very different for 2008 from 2007?

Are there major differences for ethics for 2008 from 2007? Thank you

crap, i need to register by tomorrow. bleh!

H - I thought the cut-off was September 22nd…can someone confirm please? I haven’t RE-registered either…F*CK!

I am not sure for re-registration would have different cut-off. But, the first registration cut-off is on Sep 26th. p.s. yet registered also, money is better on my side for longer period~~~ =D

Are you folks also getting the Schweser books alongside CFAI Books sent. I have my 2007 Schweser books to read thru AGAIN. Is anyone getting the testbank again since it expired?

i will be getting schweser again including the testbank. It helps for revision and practising of questions. I dont think the schweser study notes are available until october. Will have to check the website.

and besides given that cfai are sending the curriculum it would be more feasible to study from there and use the schweser as a supplement. What u think?

this material is definitely more dense than LI. i just finished going through quant and i need more practice problems - i will be ordering schweser + Qbank. i plan on finishing the CFAI material by january and then switching to schweser for the rest of the time. my view is read CFAI and study Schweser. If you solely use CFAI then you need to create notes/note cards. The cost of purchasing schweser versus producing my own notes are heavily in favor of purchasing schweser. Here’s my plan: my estimated time of going through CFAI looks to be about 120-150 hours (in addition to current progress - 15hrs). i will do 50 -100 hours of schweser notes. lastly, 100-150 hours of practice problems/tests and reviewing answers. That puts me between 270 and 400 hours or 1-1.5 hrs/day from now until the exam (260 days). I will be happy if I can stick to this plan.

“H - I thought the cut-off was September 22nd…can someone confirm please? I haven’t RE-registered either…F*CK!” Zim, just checked it. it is the 26th. Whoo, i thought it was the 15th. Thank god. On another note, go Texans!

I plan on using the CFA texts as the main study source, with last year’s Schweser books at supplements. I may, however, want to get my hands on the Qbank as a last ditch effort to avoid suicide.

Just got my books, I dont want to bring them home, they are too big.

You guys get your books shipped at work?

I did. i didnt know where it would end up if i sent it to my apartment

I am taking L2 again…what are CFAI books? I only studied via Schweser until now… is there a list shown on the CFAI website regarding the list of books?