GOT: Episode 3 (SPOILERS)

I mean… why did they turn GOT into avengers movie? I mean end of Season 7 when wall was destroyed was just so bad, but this episode is next level terrible.

Well, I guess they have to find out how to kill 90% of the characters in the next 3 episodes. So, easiest to just have them all fight.

The hole Night King Arc was really bad.

it was

amazing build up int he books, and S6,7,8 just ruined it completely.

basically another TWD type of show

i though tthe episode was amazing but storyline was lame. they built these guys up so bad that it was such a huge let down. danaerys army was a big waste of time. they shoulda just sent a band of assasins to give the coup de grace instead of wasting such huge armies. also barely any important character died.

Just terrible

I think it is a good marketing strategy, to be honest. All the people who are invested in the story, like csk, are still going to watch the show. However, by changing tone to an action genre, they will attract more casual viewers who were not into the nitty gritty of earlier seasons. What, you think HBO is making shows to please hardcore fans?

as a fun fact. the most looked up avenger chracters in pornub. is captain marvel then then black widow. then its spider boy. captain america. and iron man

I thought it’s been a good season so far. And last night there were some awesome moments. Little Lyanna Mormont getting thumped by a giant was pretty great. Theon finding some redemption. Sansa and Tyrion are totally going to bone. Jorah went out in style. Jon wasn’t the hero thus avoiding a predictable narrative. Bran wasn’t the Night King (which I would have hated)…though I’m still wondering what the heck he was actually doing while he was warging. Does he have any offensive abilities? Didn’t care too much for just throwing away the Dothraki like that. Seems a waste. Why is Ghost a mini-husky now? No budget left to CGI the wolf to his appropriate size? And where’s Jon’s dragon. Last I saw he was sliding across the snow but he didn’t seem dead. And the lighting was too dark, but they did that on purpose so I’m okay giving D&D the range to do their thing.

Hodor did not come back as a zombie, so it’s hacksaw in general.

I just try and keep the expectations low.


kills Night King, undead army and white walkers destroyed.

Bran: :neutral_face:

Prediction: start of next episode is Bran waking up from his fall in episode 1 and realizing it was all a dream, he used to read Word Up magazine. This would explain why no budget for Ghost CGI, since they will need to CGI young Bran. Final three episodes are spent on the trial of Jaime and Cersei, who are found guilty and who Robert executes. Fin.

I thought the episode was good, but the story line not so much. It seems like they are putting multiple seasons worth of events in the last 10 or so episodes starting last season. But eh it’s been a good run

Haha that asssasination was awesomeee though!

I thought the episode was great and one of the best ever in GOT. The only thing I agree on is that the Night King died too easily, but that added to the shock because for the 80 minutes you feel absolutely hopeless and you’re at the edge of your seat until the dagger goes in, so all in all one of the best most thrilling episodes.

That ending was really bad. Arya should have died after killing one or two white walker generals (blue eyes)

The white walker generals did nothing and basically had zero impact.

7 seasons of teasing the undead with this abrupt finish felt like foreplaying with the girl you’ve wanted to bone for years, and then you blow your load while making out. Disappointing.

So much plot armor. More characters needed to die, not because that’s what you expect for GoT, but because the facking dead are here and you don’t stand a chance.

I was half-expecting a Bollywood movie-like song/dance in the end. From the E4 trailer that’s probably what we’re getting next week.

It was the Lysa Arryn of endings

  1. wall should have been destroyed by the horn, not stupid flying undead dragon

  2. Raising undead should be done through dragon glass dagger ceremony not that stupid flick of fingers.

  3. Knight king should have been killed by Night watch ambush with Jon ans Arya leading charge.

season 7/8 is anti GOT and do not represent GOT in the least

I guess it’s sort of anti-thematic, because GRR wanted the series to not be a standard good wins over evil type of fantasy story. Now, it became just that. Maybe the next episodes will introduce something f*ed up. Who knows.

100% agree. So much build up for the undead and a limp ending to it. Would’ve liked to see a bigger white walker siege on King’s Landing with Winterfell being completely destroyed. Honestly not sure there is much else to see in the final episodes…

Also agree with plot armor. Only main characters left at the end of the episode, but somehow managing to hold off 100s of undead… kinda lame. Most should’ve just died.

lol yea initially i was predicting. winterfell falls. and they hide it out at iron islands. eventually kind’s landing falls and cersei hides it out in dragonstone. then again there are only 4 episodes left lol. anyways its funny how people want a sad ending, they’ve gotten used to it!

The ending scene in GoT will probably be Misande and Greyworm walking into the sunset in the Isles of Naath. *vomit*