Got into an usc mba!

I’ll rep Af and let them know!


My grandfather was a professor of education at USC.

USC? How hacksaw can you get? I wouldn’t even consider anything other than UTSA or Harvard.

low key im never moving from la. there was only 3 places id consider. ucla, usc, and irvine. anyways, all i need now is a cpa and we’re basically eskimo bros.

Congratulations!!! :partying_face:

UTSA sounds like what people say when they’re trying to simulate techno music…UTSA UTSA UTSA

Congrats! Are you going to return to the college lifestyle? I hear they have great parties at USC!!


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Isn’t there one on the beach that’s supposed to be an elite school? Pepperdine, I think? I hear it has a good MBA. (But being not a typical b-school student, nor a Californian, I am speaking way outside my area of expertise.)

All jesting aside, congrats on the USC gig.

Prolly not. Fiancé a bit worried. But I really doubt I’ll be going to any parties.

oh yea its a good a school. kind of a clusterfuck commute. plus super expensive.

Congrats, man! USC is definitely in the top 3 as far as baddies go, so that counts for something.

ty. im not there to meet hotties though!

^ liar

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Over under? I say 2 months

i have been with fiance for 4 years now. i have not cheated on her in the last 2.5 to 3 years. at this point i have a much better track record.

Little longer. I’ll give him 5 months. Assuming he starts in August, he’ll have classes with a crop of fresh graduates who will want to have group study sessions before December finals… And those group study sessions will turn into one-on-ones

Perhaps you would be better off if you were able to terminate that sentence at “her”.


Yea but most of that time was during LoCkDoWnS mijo! Now you going to be out all day with them baddies in the club MBA

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ay mijo tryig to jump to front office?

fair point. but im also older and fatter now. anyways i dont know what im doing. the story i told them though is im hoping to switch to tech. would be nice to network with some rich folks though.