Got turned down for sex

So I tried to get some from the wife yesterday. Basically, I wanted some, and she said that she would come to bed soon. So I went to bed at 10:00. She came to bed at 2:30, some 4.5 hours later.

When I complained about it, she said, “Well, I drank a couple of cups of coffee around 6:00 p.m., so I wasn’t sleepy. That’s why didn’t come to bed.”

I thought about that for a while. Then I realized the gravity of the situation. She turned me down because she was awake. Not because she had a headache, or because she was tired, or because it was shark week, but because she was awake.

Now, I’ve been turned down a lot for a lot of different reasons by a lot of different women. But this was a first. She basically told me that she didn’t want to fck because she was awake.


time to hit up the gym and start reading neville goddard

This is like the first few episodes of Breaking Bad.

To improve your marriage, either become a meth dealer or make notes of all Nery’s posts and emulate exactly.

You’ll thank me later.

my biggest fear in life is to become an undesirable. so figure out what people desire. then become it.

and if she doesnt like it, replace her, there will be plenty of viable options post transformation.

but for the most if you are desired by most then she will like you too. fomo.

^ I haven’t been on AF in quite a while but I heard you are getting married. Why?

Whats the big deal? She probably just wasn’t feeling it last night. The WC community will support you and provide invaluable advice if this becomes a trend. Keep us posted.

met a hot girl. very caring. she’ll be a good mom. low maintenance.

anyways i feel 30 is still too young to get married, i was hoping mid 30s, but i figure fack it. shes really nice. she deserves a nice life. i’ve changed a lot. in terms of my actions but my philosophy is still the same.

like my friends went to tj. and instead of going with them, i just hung with her. and showed her photos of the brothels on yelp. and shared with her stuff i read on reddit and everything i knew about brothels.

click photos! so awesome.

I wouldn’t be too concerned; maybe she was just tired, or something.

How long have you been married?

12 years. So getting rejected is actually more common than getting some.

It wasn’t the rejection that surprised me. It was the reason. “I couldn’t fck because I was wide awake.” That was a new one.

I understand the “I have a headache” or “I’ve got a gyno appointment tomorrow” or “I’m on the rag” or “I’m tired” or any of the other millions of excuses that women have for not surrendering the booty. But “I was awake” is new on my list.

maybe she just didnt want to fuck with coffee cuz she has a weak bladder.

I think you’re trying to read to much into her reasoning. People give BS reasons for a variety of reasons and usually, they are not even aware of how BS their answer is. Our brain works in weird ways.

Maybe just not in the mood? Maybe someone else is mowing your lawn?

Practice makes perfect. My wife and I engage in healthy, ferocious love making every day, no matter how tired or dirty we are. I don’t want to discuss this much further since I do not want to give intimate details of my marriage to the bawdy readership here. Sorry to disappoint you.

Then do her while she sleeps. With previous consent given, of course.

Jesus Christ…

Written consent; otherwise violation.

some women play coy. hug them kiss them massage them finger them to test the waters and once you have caused a breach. unsheathe your sword and charge.

Does she get off when you have sex? Maybe you just pitched a bad couple of games recently?

Is she supposed to?

To be honest, this whole thread didn’t end half as badly as I thought it would.