Grand Theft Auto 5

This will be a very interesting game. The GTA series never seems to disappoint. With the addition of an actual live stock market in GTA 5 and the ability to trade stock, purchase companies, buy property/cars/assests etc…this might be the most fun GTA yet for me.

Usually i see “most” video games as a waste of time, but GTA could really help relieve stress while still staying focused on the goal of acquiring capital. The game is centered around acquiring capital so it will kind of help you stay in that mindstate. At least that is how I see it. GTA 5 online will be another great part of the game. I’m really excited for that. Playing with other humans in this kind of environment could be really fun. Check out the videos:



I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new video game in years, and I have a feeling that I will spend all my free time the week it comes out playing it. Sorry in advance to my office…

edit, just pre ordered it on amazon so I get it on release day, along with a hdmi cable for the Xbox to hook it to the 50" tv. Goodbye outside world…

I have a feeling this game is going to ruin my social life and physical fitness.

The only thing better than a new GTA game is watching all the conservative Christian groups go nuts over it.

My queue of games is about a dozen long now. I need to become a welfare bum just to go through them.

I absolutely cannot wait. My lineup this fall will be Madden 25, GTA 5 and NBA 2K14. Though I have the feeling that GTA will get most of the burn from me. I believe the story will suck me in as always.

Good thing I didn’t sell my current system because GTA won’t be available on next-gen. I believe it is coming out on PC though.

I’ve played all GTAs but my favorite is definitely Vice City. The whole aura of Miami in the 80’s with the music, style and everything. Ughhhh that was absolutely brilliant. I have so many fun memories from playing that game. Tommy Vercetti was the man :wink:

San Andreas was probably the overall best and most in depth GTA. I replayed it about a month ago and it was just as enjoyable as when it first came out.

^ I agree, Vice City is my favorite. Sometimes when I need something to listen to at work I’ll go to youtube and listen to the VCPR recordings. I could listen to Maurice Chavez all day!

I didn’t really enjoy San Andreas, to be honest. I don’t even think I finished it. After VC my next favorite is GTA 4.

lol I actually have the Vice City soundtrack on CD. I listen to it my car sometimes. I am curious to know what the soundtrack for GTA 5 will be.

Should I buy a Playstation or Xbox for this? I had a ps3 but it broke.

Is it better to do the CFA or MBA within the game when it comes to stock market security selection?

I just watched the online gameplay demo where you can do missions with your friends and also play custom missions created by other users…

I am still confused as to how they are going to ensure a smooth gameplay with all this data? Unlike COD that is played on a small map, GTA will have the entire universe available to everyone at all times.

PS: Do they really think games like GTA where being a thief = cool will have no impact on the lives of little kids (because of negligent parents buying them these games) and they will not be influenced to reenact it in real life? I am on the ‘blame the parents’ bandwagon in this debate

Wait a month for the PS4 (guessing it’s backwards compatible?)

I’m jacked for GTA though. I’m not a huge gamer, but when I do I’ll lock myself in for a full weekend on not talk to a soul. It’s a good way to save money haha. Still trying to wrap up Skyrim though, that game just doesn’t end.

It does affect kids and teens in a subtle way, but not in the way most people assume. I think GTA influences people to have a “do what I want no matter what” kind of attitude instead of being influenced to go out and straight up jack a car or shoot random people. It doesn’t reach that extent in “most people” but there’s still an element of “do whatever you want” that people subconsciously pick up from GTA because of the free nature of the game.

I’m so erect for this game. Taking the week off work.

As far as stock trading goes, you can invest in a car company and then go around destroying all those cars and you’ll see the stock go up as they have more demand to produce. Unreal.

This game is going to be tits.

Only 16 players are on the map at any given time. It’s not an MMO.

Alright guys. My copy just got delivered to my desk. Now all I’m going to think about all afternoon is going home and playing. I feel like its gonna be a late night…

Grown a$$ adult men excited over a video game. LMAO.

Blake is jealous he can’t remember the last thing he got excited about.

Grown men playing video games? hahahahah

I would consider myself a Christian, although maybe not a conservative one.

And my opinion on GTA is, “If you don’t like it, don’t play it. And if you don’t want your kids to play it, don’t let them play it.”

My PS3 broke too. They want $100 to fix it. I’ll probably never buy another Sony product again. Piece of sht bstrds.

And in order to be fair, I think the Xbox is a superior machine. I just like Sony because I enjoyed playing all the old RPG’s. If you like action games, I think Xbox is the way to go. Plus, it seems to have more of a following.

I’m not much of a gamer, so I really don’t know the answer to this. If TRH has a PS3 and I have an Xbox, can we play against each other?