Great books in finance

I plan to buy some good financial books for reading. So was looking to compile a list of some great books written .

Appreciate if folks here can help me with their recommendation of good books. I am sure you all must have come across a lot of great reads.

Read an awesome one the other day: Search by

When Genius Failed is the must-read.

I thought When Genius Failed was pretty boring…Big Short was really good though.

Complement to when genuis failed would be ’ Inventing Money’.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street - not too bad. If you’ve finished the CFA exams, a lot of it is familiar.

This list is great!

thank you. appreciate it

I am currently reading More Money than God. It’s an interesting book, I recommend it. So far, I guess the 2 books I enjoyed reading the most were the 2 M.Lewis books Liar’s Poker and Big Short. Since I’m not a hard-core finance dude like many around here, I tend to enjoy easy readings. Lewis I find really makes his stuff enjoyable. The problem with him is that he is obviously extremely biased. Has anyone read Boomerang ?

I’ve heard Boomerang is very good as well. It will be the next book I read. I’m also a big Michael Lewis fan and agree with you on The Big Short. As far as other investment books that I would add to my “must read” list the first would be The Intelligent Investor. There is also an out of print book called Margin of Safety by a fund manager named Seth Klarman which is very hard to find (and expensive). If you can get your hands on a copy read it (or the PDF). It’s probably the lamest book title but You Can Be A Stock Market Genius by Joel Greenblatt is a good read. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Phil Fisher is a classic too. My last pick which is a good fiction read about investing is Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

Anyone have a pdf for Margin of Safety…?

I do. but you got to give me 3 good stock picks in return or pass my Amanda Lang quiz.

Frank, is Amanda married with a BSD?

lords of finance is the single best book financial ive ever read. what seems like it shouldve been outdated and relegated to the dustbins at present seems more apropos than ever. i would love to hear recommendations for similarly impressive books. taking this in a different direction - id personally be interested in more textbook type books that are great for self study. would like to learn a bit more about credit analysis and excel. i have a void in my life where my cfa study time used to reside.

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Agree on Lords of Finance. Amazing work.

I liked Lords of Finance, but it is a different type of read from Michael Lewis books. Slower moving and generally more educational, imho.

^^ Absolutely.

I like “When Genius Failed” by Roger Lowenstein. It talks about the rise and fall of LCTM.

Hedge Hogging by Barton Biggs was a good read