Growing up Russian

krnyc amiright6?

Why is that one guy dressed up like the terrorists from Counterstrike?

in russia you have indoor clothes and outdoor clothes. as soon as you come home you have to change into your indoor clothes.

guy looks like he just came from the outside and is refusing to change into his indoor clothes.

That was always frustrating for me and my russian ex. She would look all hot in her office clothes, then come home and basically change into her sweats and pajama tops. I felt like “Wait! Save suma dat for me!” But for her, she was just tired at the end of the day and wanted to change.

The other thing that resonated was the sour cream and sunburn stuff. We had gone to Yosemite one time and I got horribly sunburned. We couldn’t find any sunburn lotion, so she managed to get a huge tub of plain yogurt and spread it all over my body. I couldn’t believe she was recommending this (mostly because I figured that yogurt all over the sheets was not going to be a good thing), but lo and behold, the next morning, it was wayyyyy better. In fact, you could see the places where the yogurt wasn’t fully applied, because one area was bright red, and the other was just slightly pink.

Yogurt is indeed cheaper than noxema, too.

Haha pretty much. Except for those below.

  1. No ugly rugs – luckily we were too poor to own any.

  2. No one ever told me I am fat. Rather I was/am always too skinny and need to eat more. But yeah, “to have to eat more” is the common theme

  3. Cleaning lady??? Ahahaha that was not even the concept I knew growing up

  4. I didn’t grow up here so never developed love for PB&J. Can’t relate

Isn’t it common here as well to change into sweatpants when you get home? Everyone wants to get comfortable after a long day at work

Eventually, you’re right. Maybe it’s not a Russian thing, but it was really really fast for her, so when I saw the “indoor clothes” and “outdoor clothes” thing, I wondered if that was fueling the change. Also, her work clothes may be more constraining than mine, so the need to get out of them might have been greater for her, whereas mine were more casual so I wasn’t quite ready to jump into my sweats and jammies.

I just wish her indoor clothes had been sexier. This was before the days of Lululemon… Who knows, maybe that would have made an important difference. :wink:

I did have coffee with her the other day, so I did get to see her in her work clothes…

I take off my work clothes as soon as I get home. Less chance of the dogs or kids finding a way to ruin them. Plus, the My Little Pony onesie I have is really comfy.

Doesn’t everyone take off their work clothes when they come home in the evening? I’m imagining Bchad sitting at the dinner table in full suit and tie like a 1950s Dad.

its not work clothes, its outdoor clothes.

lets say you come back from shopping so a russian would change from jeans and a sweatshirt to sweat pants and t shirt.

in america i think ppl keep wearing jeans and sweathsirt after coming home

obviously everyone changes from work clothes.

  1. going to banya (russian bath house) with your russian gf’s father. How do I even explain lol.

No, it’s my mistake. It’s not a Russian thing. It’s just that the clothes I wore during those times were more casual and so didn’t need changing when I got home (assuming I wasn’t working in dirt or somethign). It’s true that if I wear a suit, I tend to take it off the moment I’m home and not needing it anymore. So I should have cut her some slack for that (not that it was a major issue in the relationship).

My main gripe is that she looked hot in her work clothes, and then the moment she came home, she basically made herself un-hot for me (other than special occasions), and it was a bummer, like seeing something nice and then having it pulled away and given something that is adequate, but clearly not as nice as what came before.

But I was wrong to attribute it to the Russian indoor clothes/outdoor clothes thing…

Yeah, this resonates too. Maybe there was an element of that.

my family was poor too but we had rugs. all our relatives had rugs too. perhaps your parents had nice wall paintings so there was no need for rugs?

3 questions…

1)how much vodka was involved?

2)was it 1 on 1 or other friends came too?

3)did you hit anyone with the branch bush?

If you live alone, why wear clothes at all at home?

This could have been my family.

(a.) everything revolves around food. It is an insult to say you are full. the dinner table is jam packed with so much food, we have a separate table just to hold the food.

(b.) its a must to change into inside clothes - regardless of what you are wearing.

(c.) the marriage thing was less and impact on me, but my sister heard things like that all the time.

(d.) way to much tupperware mainly from recyclables

(e.) we used moccasins, but that was a must coming into the house. shoes always come off.

(f.) the family conversations are always passionate and emotional

Try cooking bacon naked. I dare you.

Is Yankee culture ‘mainstream’ in Russia? I’d imagine there is a small % of population that is ‘Western’ oriented but given it’s a non-Anglo country I’d have thought it’s far from mainstream?

Of course. I change into my tailcoat and white tie for dinner like all civilized people.