Happy 4th of July! 2020z medical question and auto question

Ate well. Steak and bbq. Lots of fireworks. My car battery died. Triple a didn’t have a battery so imma take it to autozone tomorrow. Also my mom fell on her butt trying to seat on a chair that got moved. She hit her head a bit on the wall. Light scratches on her head but more pain on her butt. The butt bones feels deformed. Do we take her Er? She doesn’t want to go. Though I don’t know why. Her cost for an er visit is only 100. She just sees it as a hassle. What do you guys think. We also run the risk of Covid if we take her to hospital.

The butt bone feels deformed? Nerdy, I know Asian families are tight-knit, but… feeling up your mom? That’s a little much dude.

Don’t go to the hospital (yet). Call around local doc-in-a-boxes (urgent care clinics) and see if one has the capability to do x-rays. A fractured coccyx is usually just irritating, but could potentially have complications like obstructed bowel movements.

What’s the auto question?

Dead battery taking it to autozone to get replaced. That ok right?

Yeah… Just take a picture of the top of your old battery (or take it with you) to make sure you get one with the positive/negative posts on the same side and correct style.

Triple A? Auto Zone? Damn, I thought this forum was loaded with ballers that would be getting luxury valet pickup, not rocking high school-style car repair…

Dow the type of simp to pay dealer prices. We about to get cucked in here!!!

At my income level, there is a significant opportunity cost of time, and losing the 2 hours between Auto Zone and the garage rather than having the dealer come pick up my car is a poor economic decision. The true simp is the clueless person dialing into a AAA call queue while they try to act like they understand high finance using simplistic Suze Orman compounding logic on a few thousand dollars of retirement account assets.

Sure what’s your income level. Anyways I think it’s a mindset. If you aren’t value oriented in one thing, you probably aren’t value oriented in other things. Most rich people care about their money no matter how small. But I do agree time value of money. But I think you exaggerate your hourly rate.

F’n simps, man. They’ll never understand how things really are.


It takes me about 5 minutes rounding up to swap my own battery, I have no idea what either of you are talking about.

Anyhow, working under the puzzling assumption that loosening two screws on terminals is not part of your general skillset I can understand both approaches. I know some respectable frugal rich types and I definitely get the appeal of streamlined luxury that comes with the all dealer all the time types. Where do you guys fall on home light bulb replacements, factory techs only or hire a handyman?

Light bulbs are a different story. I’ll order those from Amazon, if I don’t already have the specific bulb in the closet, and do it myself. It’s different because I need the car to be fixed right away, I have no patience or care to screw around with that $#!t on a Saturday, and the lights can wait. Also, I don’t have a spare car battery hanging around. It might take 5 minutes, but the trip to the store, etc. adds time I don’t have. The idea that anyone needs to prove the size of their manhood because they can change a battery/tire/etc. is completely a foolish waste of time, having only value to those who wear such things as a badge of honor, likely as they have concluded that they cannot reasonably attain outsized success in other, relevant domains. Like hearing two poors arguing about blue collar concerns or which sports team is “better” over a backyard barbecue, I steer clear of such nonsense and exclusively focus on earning the shekels my bros.

Guy don’t take this as a personal attack but, if time was such an issue you would replace your battery within its service life and not when it died (like the poors) so the spare would in fact be laying around (they can be ordered off amazon) and it would not be a day of thing. I have no idea what patience you’re referring to, it’s a literal two screws. It’s unclear why you went straight to some defensive rant about manhood, which I never brought up… The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Jokes and barbs aside if your life is that crowded it can hardly be optimal. A sure sign to me is when things start breaking down or wearing out (like batteries) that should have been replaced because I’ve become overloaded (happens a lot to me). Money is good, as is time and balance. If your minutes and actions become dictated by NPV to the point that normal life becomes foreign I would (just be personally) find that to be alarming. There are a lot of wealthy people doing both.

Personally I look forward to teaching and demonstrating through living to my daughters basic car and home maintenance alongside math and programing so they are multifaceted and grounded. I was updating some outlets and switches in my home one evening ahead of a sale and used the time to explain to my 5 year old daughter what the breaker panel did, how the wires work and the basics of electricity in a house. It was a fun father / daughter memory. It wasn’t a master class but over time I look forward to seeing them grow up with so many of the things modern kids lack and knowing how things work.

Lol update. I called triple a. Told them if it was common for them not to replace batteries. And they apologized and said that they will get it taken care of tomorrow and the call I did will not count because the guy came without batteries. So simple. But honestly ■■■■ that guy for telling me to go to autozone. It’s their job to change it. Waste of my time. Coulda gotten it fixed today but I had to chill with the fam. Mom is good. No er or urgent care. She is doing fine. I don’t know much about how to fix cars. My core strengths is complaining to customer service and getting ■■■■ comped.

No worries, I don’t take it as an attack. I have never let my battery get to that point — I was poking fun at Nerdy for letting it get there, remember? You see, I don’t let it get there in the first place because…I just pick up the phone, and some magic white gloved guys pick up my vehicle. And it’s fixed. And, since I’m not pinching pennies to be forced into some hack job DIY situation, I simply do not sweat the cost. At all.

New problem where to put my new elliptical. Fiancé wanted 1.

You all need father figures.

I came from a third world country. Where I come from we don’t do blue collar work because it usually costs 2 bucks an hr to get some guy to fix things. Only in the us would you get a plumber making 100k per year. Makes me wish they flood this place with immigrants. And pay blue collar what it is truly worth.

Even here most plumbers aren’t making 100k.

What is it worth to you to not have to touch/move/scrape around in urine, feces, and tampons? Don’t ■■■■ on blue collar for charging you for jobs you aren’t willing to handle yourself.