Happy Friday

You thought we couldn’t do it.

Time to get crunk.

Trillville feat. Pastor Troy - Get Some Crunk in Yo System


I like your style!

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haha I am soo old … I am ancient Related image

Lol… banned.

i miss the old friday threads


they used to be legendary … I don’t remember when exactly, maybe a few years ago

Dream. Girl.

friday netflix and chill.

saturday. double date. beach/pool. movie. if she leaves, maybe bball.

sunday bball. play video games.

what you all doing?

The “it’s Friday people…” threads? Those have been gone for at least 7 years now.

RIP soppisoppi

Here’s one of the last ones. For the record, I never saw Paranormal Activity.


lol i love the first guy. i can relate to it! i;ve matured to have a boring ass life now though.

i do still get urges. i was running yesterday at a community college and saw this hot blonde latina. FUCK! i was all sweaty and felt buff as fuck and was checking her out but didnt do shit! Life not lit!

Also, note how much cooler the women were back then (ex-kr). Open flirtation with far creepier guys. Those were the days.

lol I just miss daj224 posting every random news event like it was groundbreaking, with no comment on it

then later … crushing natties


always crushing natties

hahaha dudeeee. all this lit ass music. im bumpin it right now.

Aye, aye bitch, try this Guarantee turn a square to a bi bitch You ain’t down, b-b-bye bitch I ain’t got time for playin, I’m just saying man We out here trying to function, man we out here trying to function


Conference in Portland, OR. Supposed to rain all weekend. :broken_heart:

Rain is standard right?

I’m going to sneak beer into the library tonight now that all the DU students are gone. What’s the worst that could happen?

Beach with the fam, y’all. Chicken fried and cold beer on a Friday night commenced.