Hazing gone too far?


very sad story

I mean when you kill the guy, yeah, probably.

I patented the hacksaw hazing.

Them boys gonna get a good hazing in federal prison.

I don’t think anyone’s gonna get convicted, the prosecutor intentionally trumped up the charges to murder and manslaughter so they can all acquitted, genius really.

That or they will all be scared shitless and take the plea deal aka the usual lazy prosecuting done all over this country

^Prosecutors don’t intentionally lose cases. They take their win/loss record more seriously than any sports team.

I don’t think all 37 kids should have been charged though. The guy that called the Phi Delt national president to ask what to do about the unconscience student should be facing jail time. You call the police. Not the fraternity president. The isn’t The Skulls.

Asian fraternities are the worst, because they tend to be filled with repressed guys with parent issues who are given their first taste of freedom in college. Normal fraternities tend to have a bunch of drunk guys who just don’t think about what they are doing. But the Asian fraternities - those guys are really out to hurt and dominate their juniors. It’s pretty unhealthy and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to join such an organization.

To get laid.

True. They do have a lot of mixers with the Asian sorority.

^good looks?

there were all chinese?

I never understood greek life. Frats seemed like faggie dbag houses where you would pay for friends, parties, and some stupid affiliation. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I’ll keep marching to this beat.

Am I right in assuming secret societies such as Skulls and Frats are very very different?

Secret Society or Hacksaw.

The Skulls is basically just a fraternity with extremely rich and influential members.

I enjoyed the greek life. The “paying for friends” thing doesn’t really hold water. At some schools, you do have to pick a house before the year starts, so that’s a little tough. But, most colleges hold rush week well enough into the semester you have a pretty good understanding of the greek system and the different houses. If greek life isn’t for you, so be it. Or, you pick a house that aligns most with what you want to get out of college. Want to keep your grades up? Join the nerd house. Want to find all your jewish bros? Join that house. Want to party every day and slay strange? Join Fiji, Phi Delt, ATO, Sigma Chi, SAE, SigEp, Sigma Nu, Lambda Lambda Lambda…whatever.

Think about your freshman year. Who were your friends? Probably people in your dorm. Why is getting matched up with complete strangers any better than vetting houses and choosing where you live?

Depends on the campus. My campus was huge on Greek. Most of my friends freshmen year were in a particular house or were joining it. I joined as well to not be the odd guy out. I met some cool people and some not-so-cool people. I keep in touch with some more than others, but I’m still better friends with the people I was friends with from before than after. Those friendships may have weakened had I not joined. So I say it was a net benefit for me. Very few downsides.

Of course, you’re still alive.

It does keep the alumni involved in campus events, and this is good for current students for networking, and for alumni in keeping in touch with one another.

The alpha phis and tri delts made fun of Sig Ep all day…the loser frat at my school. I did not pay for friends in college and still got my fair share of slay from the sororities (theyre all sluts, its great), of course I did tend to go more towards the latinas at my school and most of them were not in a white sorority…dont need to pay to slay strange.

You still paid, just not to a fraternity. That’s my point. Just as you still hung out with people in the greek system, those in a house can and do still have plenty of GDI (God Damn Independent) friends. Doesn’t matter who cashes your check. You still have to be likeable to have friends and get laid. Going greek doesn’t guarantee either.

God you all sound like a bunch of d-bags. “Slay strange”… “Fair share of slay”? Seriously?

Hahaha wow.