Help please ASAP

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You should check the break down of your performance and focus on your weak areas.

If u were close to Band 10, just slightly increase your study intensity, particularly the ethics part. If u were far from Band 10, u might need to put in more than the standard 300 hours. Your strategy from now on should be to keep on practising problems.



You should increase practicing and official Mocks target on 80 %.



Honestly, google IFT material for L1. there are videos and lecture slides you can make notes on. and has their own QBank. then read the respective chapter in Schweser do EOC and then do EOC CFAI curriculum questions.

i did zero mocks prior to the exam and did maybe 2 topical assessments on CFA website

i passed

Not sure how to help without knowing your strengths and weaknesses,

General advice is of course, more practice. I did 1 mock exam a day for 2-3 weeks leading up to the exam day with up to 16-17 mock exam practices. I also did a couple of Topic Tests in between, especially Ethics since it is the important one.

I also find that Level 1 has a lot of memorization problems, so if memorization is not your forte, then work on it.

Other miscellaneous advice is to stay healthy and take an unpaid leave if possible days-weeks before the exam. I took some supplements which are supposedly beneficial for brain functions such as Brainact and folic acid.

Edit: some good materials that I highly recommend are Schweser Secret Sauce for quick review. I did my reviewing from Secret Sauce first and then once I stumbled upon a question in mock/test that is not discussed in SS, I go to the e-book curriculum/

Focus on June exam. You have 129 days remaining. Attempt all the End-of-chapter problems again to refresh your memory and identify your weaknesses from these EOCs. Re-read those sections where you are weak at. Consolidate your knowledge by practising online tests or mocks in the final month.


EOCs = End-of-chapter problems from the CFA textbooks


yes,there are solutions on the pages after the questions

I’ll echo a lot of the advice here.

You should do the EOCs at least twice each; thrice is better.

Work questions, whether it’s a question bank from one of the prep providers, practice exams, mock exams, whatever. If you’ve run out of questions, do them all a second time, and, perhaps a third. It doesn’t matter that by the third time you’ll have memorized the answers; you need to practice doing the work whether you know the answer already or not.

I happen to like the idea of writing note cards. Not on a computer; longhand. As you’re studying, write note cards. When you’re done, throw them away, and write them again. Then throw those away, and write them again. Trust me, by that point you’ll know the material.


After scoring a Band 2, things can only get better from here on out.




I agree with everyone’s advice, however you might need to re-evaluate whether the program is for you.

Band 2 is quite honestly a brutal score, and probably equates to around a score of 40-45%. Usually people who get band 1 or 2 have no background in finance and didn’t study for the exam. If you studied a lot for the level 1 exam and got band 2, you’re going to have a tough time with lvl 2 and 3.

If you want to continue with the program, take the exam in December. Getting band 2 basically means you have to go over the whole curriculum again, which may or may not be feasible for you in 4 months if you take the June exam.