Hi to all

I am working in a govt sector bank in India. I planned to do CFA by dec 14. Is there good scopes,. Suggest me fiends pls. Right now i am in retail banking side… Pls suggest me friends

Suggest you friends? Well what do you like to do for fun?

didnt get ur point… wats tat?

Hi! I would suggest you work on improving your English skills before you take the exam. I am not trying to put you down but I had a hard time understanding most of what you wrote. As a native English speaker I can only imagine how much more difficult the CFA exams must be to someone who speaks English as a second language. You have about 10 months before the exam so I would start by sharpening up your English, then devote the remaining 4-6 months to studying for the CFA. Good luck!

Thanks fo ur advice.

You’re welcome smiley

Hi to all…and to all, a good night!

Why are people using SMS language on such forum?

This…that’s why you didn’t get what I was saying.

here are some good scopes…good luck brosky


[quote="cfakannan Suggest me fiends pls. Right now i am in retail banking side… Pls suggest me friends



laughHaha, I am not Indian but as a non-native-English speaker, I would “translate” his post as " Currently I work for a govermental/state-owned bank in India. My field is retail banking.I plan to sit for the CFA exam in Dec 2014. Please give me some advice"

For “Is there good scopes?”, I cannot get it too. sad

What about the “friends” part? He wants us to suggest him friends?

This is “Please give me some advice/suggestions” in my “translation”. He forgot the comma ? “Pls suggest me, friends”

I know in English the verb “suggest” is used as follows: (1) suggest somebody doing something (2) suggest doing something. However, non-native English speakers might use the verb in the way they think about their own language ? It’s like… you have seen some guys here say “give the exam” instead of “take”, “write”, appear for"…

My 2 cents

I would like to rephrase his post so that people can understand.

" I am working in a govt sector bank in India. I plan to sit for CFA dec 2014 exams.

What is the scope / career opportunities after clearing CFA Exams ?

Suggest me if I should pursue this programme. Right now i am in retail banking industry…. So Pls suggest if it is a good decision to pursue CFA considering i work in Retail Banking. "

Guys pls respond seriously.

While I do think that someone considering pursuing the CFA designation and having intentions to work in the finance industry should take the effort and use punctuation, normal sentences and grammar/spelling as correct as he/she can…as a non native English speaker (whose language does not resemble any other spoken languages in the world) I can’t stand commenting:

You native English speakers have no idea how much advantage you have in the CFA studies.

I have been using English for work through most of my career and I still miss practice questions because I misunderstand or overlook some word.

Can’t you people read? He wants FIENDS not friends. OP, what kind of fiend are you interested in? Hoardlings? Night Hags? Abominations?

The Four Fiends from Final Fantasy are pretty good.

OP will either never return to this forum, or he will nail the 3 levels in “no time” and have the brightest career of all (boosted by defiance felt after all these comments)…

He’ll be the CEO of the next great startup. At least we can say we gave him the kick in the a$$ he needed.