Highest bonus of someone you know personally?

Since we seem to agree in the other thread that “it’s all about the bonus”, what is the highest single bonus of someone you know personally? Confirmed $200k. Best guess on another was $700-$900k.


My department used to give out Walmart gift cards as quarterly bonuses, but now they give out nothing.

I once got a 15K bonus, it’s the highest I know of.

Over $1M

Jelly of the month club - the gift that keeps on giving all year

In BO, they used to give out donuts for bonus.

$50 gas card at my place. No joke.

I once saw this article in an actuary magazine that had this riddle of sorts where there is a group of people and they all want to know each other’s salaries. However, nobody wants to state their salary. so they devise a scheme whereby they end up knowing what individuals are making without divulging who’s making what. has anyone seen this?

ZeroBonus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > $1mm The irony. :slight_smile:

One of our porfolio managers got a bonus in the neighborhood of $2mm last year. While I know him, it’s not like we’re hanging out on the weekends. One of my friends on the internal wholesaler desk got a $65k bonus last year. Pretty good for our position.

mp2438 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ZeroBonus Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > $1mm > > The irony. :slight_smile: He just ran out of room…the full handle is: ZeroBonusForYouBecauseITookIt

ZeroBonus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > $1mm yeah, same here - my friend’s company bet against housing etc in '07 and his '08 bonus was that much (he is 28)

In my previous job, I got a $5 starbucks gift card. I got the card through mail. No other bonus. Scouts honor. This was 2007.

My MD completely nailed the call on oil from literally $20-$110. He just kept trading around his positions. Needless to say…he’s made over $4 bil for our company. His bonus one year was $3-4mm and he got a big standing ovation at the annual meeting and whatnot. He is a baller.

$3-4mm/year for $4 billion? he got screwed.

threedoorsdown Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > $3-4mm/year for $4 billion? he got screwed. Agreed… that’s 10bps! I knew someone who got a bonus that amounted to 2% of the first year’s fees on a large new business win. That person left a few weeks later.

What do ya’ll do to command these bonuses?

I am actually shocked at the low numbers being posted here. Not only do the ops guys at Fidelity clear multiple times these amounts, but my boss at my previous firm personally took down $800 million in the last year I worked there, at least according to the Alpha rankings.

hhhhmmm that sound familiar