Historic Result Dates

Normally for the prior levels I had no problem waiting for results, but this time I just want to know if we are finally done. I went back and looked at results to try and predict the day, below are the dates.

Year Date Email Results

2009 ? 8/18/2009

2010 ? 8/16/2010

2011 ? 8/16/2011

2012 ? 8/7/2012

2013 ? 8/6/2013

2014 7/24/2014 8/12/2014

2015 7/7/2015 8/11/2015

2016 ? 8/9/2016

The real question is if someone will figure out a way to find if you passed or not, early by using some weird route on the CFAI website.

ETA 15 August 2017.

Its 10 weeks after exam

If I was a betting man I’d say 8/8/17 at 9am EST.

ltj… i literally remember you posting on this site every day last year… can you get a life?

which really means like noon edt since were in daylight time right? Or because there are less emails to go out for L3 do they get them out quicker?

Last year I changed my email to my work email (vs gmail) and got mine at 9:03. Hard to say what it was that made it come quicker but I waited hours for L1/L2.

alls I know is I’m taking that day off work…

Last year there was a tipoff on the CFAI website the day before. We’ll see if it was fixed.

what was that tipoff?

I think you could apply for a scholarship… meaning you didn’t pass. Some could see that link others couldn’t.

You can actually use a laptop and go to website now and sign in, then refresh your browser 3 times (must use Mozilla Firefox) and then a warning will come up. Then you need to turn off your cellphone and put it in your left rear jeans pocket. Once that’s done turn off your computer. Finally, find a baby monitor and there will be someone from CFAI on the other end with your results. Let the myths begin.

It will be August 8th.

It’s always a Tuesday.

How are the L3 results formatted? Same as prior levels? Or do they break it our by Short answer and mult choice sections?

Yes, agreed. Our day will be 8/8/2017. I already have it on my calendar heh.

Yes they split the morning and afternoon sections. Here’s the link to last year’s results thread where you can see some matrixes. Going through this thread may also help relieve some anxiety when you see some of the AM matrixes that passed.


I remember reading if you couldn’t apply for a scholarship or something it meant you passed.

Yeah, that topic JayWill linked also touches on the scholarship thing which was indeed proven to be an early tell. That was craziness in the days leading up to it.

Thank you

When usually starts this trick with scholarship, 2-3 days heading to result day?

I doubt anyone knows for sure. The guys last year were going on about it literally the day before their results. It does look like it was a tell though.