Holy crap. What part of the chicken is that?


It’s like… a ball. Wtf kind of chickens live in Thailand?

(Probably some kind of genetically engineered super chicken shaped like a ball.)

I love KFC.

I like popeyes

please discuss fried chicken. love talking about fried chicken.


What do you normally buy when you visit these places and how much does it normally cost?

Memorable experiences? please share.

I haven’t eaten friend chicken in over a year due to feeling fat afterwards, but in my past, i have indulged plenty…

KFC has some quality control issues. The chicken in some branches is great, but some branches are terrible. It’s like SuperCuts - you need to know which one is good.

In my opinion, Church’s chicken is the best of those three chains.

its too bad we don’t have Churches here anymore…we use to serve it through harveys…

Dey all da same for me. I go to checkout counter with the best looking HCB.


what do you normally get at these chicken places? 3 pc combo? biscuit? how much does it cost in the US?






KFC crispy. Spicy crispy if they have it. The only problem with popeyes is that I can literally feel my arteries starting to clog about an hour after I eat it, I’m probably reducing my life span by a bit everytime

C’mon Swanny. I was not being condescending the other day. Just a real question. Half kidding about the black folks and dialects. Growing up, I constantly witnessed terrible grammar which translated into my diciton in both speaking and writing. It’s taken some great time to correct that. It really was an honest critique.

I slang on AF for fun.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop being an grammarian.

I’d say Church’s is my favorite but they don’t have it around here, and a very close second is the KFC spicy.

we don’t even have KFC spicey here…and KFC don’t offer biscuits here either…

What?? No biscuit is really weird…

I normally don’t get the biscuit. I am more of a mashed potato person.

I was hooked on popeyes when i was a kid… had to move back to my home country which sadly didn’t have popeyes. But now that I’m back int he US 9 years later, i make sure i have it once every month!! delicious!!! 3pc spicy chicken with a biscuit and small fries.

roscoe’s house of chicken and waffles > all, by far

Well the biscuit is supposed to be free with the meal

Oh man… 3 piece spicy is heavenly…