DJIA off 800. WTF

who’s testing that bottom!!?!??!?!??!


R2000 down 8%. I just dropped of a call, scary for fees but actually great for my funds.

what the hell is going on

nevermind that was just the IWM. R2000 is down 4.5%

Damn - you can’t even pull up yahoofinance or bloomberg at my desk. I had to pull up CNBC on my phone - last I’ve got it is -250 - but apparently it went -900 before paring to -600-700? Oh snap.

PG lost 25% there!!!

Look at the Proctor & Gamble Chart…

…gives new meaining to “Great American Scream Machine”

holy smokes, history!

ECB had no discussion of buying govt debt…

Look at AAPL. Went from 260 to 199 in 15 minutes.

What is this? Hi freq shops like RenTech going crazy?

holy e’ffing crap

Time for me to sell everything.

And they say the markets nowadays are not rigged. What a joke.

WTF was that

The Russian stock market…

This is sub-prime sovereign debt phase 1. Just wait for the first bank to report losses on Greek debt. It’s 2008 all-over again.