I am breaking my oath of never posting in WC again since i think my thread could contribute positively to WC section and help other AF members.I am personally a big fan of homeopathy field of medicines.I truly believe homeopathy “cures patients but allopathy only cures illness”.

I was always a stammerer and thus people always made fun of me in my child hood.Allopathy has no treatment for stammering.I went through speech therapy but it didnot helped me at all.Finally i decided to use homeopathy medicines and my stammering was almost 99% reduced with in 2 years.

I had hemorrhoids in 2012,my doctors told me to surgically remove the piles .They told me that piles can comeback even after surgery.I knew that allopathy cannot cure this illness and thus i decided to use homeopathy medicines…Fast forward 2014 my piles are gone completely.All thanks to homeopathy medicines.

My grandmom had tumour in her kidneys.Doctors told us that it is not possible to surgically remove the tumour as my grandmom was 70yrs old with diabetes.Allopathy doctors told us that she would live for only 1 year.We decided to use homeopathy medicines to manage her disease.She lived for 7 years with homeopathy medicines with normal life style but finally died in 2012.

I was diagnosed with hypertension in Feb 2014.My BP was 164/100.I was adviced to take allopathy medicines for rest of my life.I used allopathy medicines for 1 month but my BP was still 160/90.Finally i decided to stop using all the allopathy medicines and switched to homeopathy medicines.Today my BP is 127/72.

Moreover homepathy medicines has no side effects.

I am not here to promote homeopathy medicines.Allopathy medicines are great to treat certain diseases like kidney stones,tumours that can be surgically removed etc.But for diseases like high BP,blood suger or piles i think Homeopathy is the best.

I am sharing an article about the myths about homeopathy.


The science of Homeopathy has been the subject of many debates and discussions - people bombarding the propagators and followers of this science with allegations and accusations of various kinds. But even after all this, Homeopathy has emerged victorious and put a stop to all of these with the help of research-based evidences and successfully treated cases. Here are some of the common myths (about Homeopathy) that have clearly fallen apart:

Myth 1: Homeopathic medicines are placeboes** Our answer to this**: The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Homeopathy as an accepted system of medicine and the world’s second largest system of medicine. There have been many double blind trials conducted where the efficacy of Homeopathic medicines have been proved. Studies have shown the ability of Homeopathic medicines to induce physiological changes in the body temperature. Homeopathy even works on animals in diseases like distemper and fifty percent of veterinary doctors in UK use Homeopathy. It shows effective results in infants even in acute diseases such as abdominal colic. This would not have been possible if homeopathic remedies were placeboes.

Myth 2: Homeopathic medicines are slow to act and cannot be used in acute cases** Our answer to this**: Most people take recourse in Homeopathy for chronic problems such as arthritis, allergic asthma or skin conditions, etc., which take a longer time to be treated with any other system of medicine too. However, in acute ailments like fever, diarrhoea, acute cold, cough, etc., homeopathic remedies act as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster.

Myth 3: All homeopathic medicines are the same** Our answer to this**: Although all homeopathic medicines look alike, essentially they are not the same. The basic ingredients of homeopathic medicines come from 3000 different sources that are mainly derived from plants and minerals. Their active principles are extracted into various solvents. For better palatability, the liquid homeopathic medicine is poured into small globules, which are highly porous and therefore absorptive. Although they may look alike, every homeopathic remedy is different from another.

Myth 4: Homeopathy cannot help surgical cases at all Our answer to this : A number of surgical conditions can be treated effectively with Homeopathy, for e.g. recurrent tonsillitis, piles, fissures, fistula, chronic ear discharge, vocal cord nodules, kidney and gall bladder stones, small-sized uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, warts and corns. However, every medical science has its set of advantages and limitations. Thus, in certain cases where the disease has reached an advanced stage or in emergency cases, surgery is essential and cannot be avoided. In fact, many surgeons and dentists use Homeopathy pre and post operatively. A homeopathic remedy Calendula is recommended as an external application by many surgeons to facilitate better surgical wound healing without leaving behind ugly scars.

Myth 5: There are too many dietary restrictions to be followed during homeopathic treatment** Our answer to this**: The only medical restrictions that a homeopath may impose depend upon the disease that the patient suffers from; for example, diabetics should avoid sweets and a high carbohydrate diet. Since homeopathic medicines act through nerve endings, traditional homeopaths do not prefer the use or consumption of any substance with strong odors like toothpaste, garlic, onions, etc., as this could affect the action of homeopathic medicines. Modern homeopaths recommend having the medicines after rinsing the mouth half an hour before and after meals and also advocate placing the medicine below the tongue for best results.

Myth 6: Homeopathy and Allopathy cannot be taken together Our answer to this : In patients suffering from drug-dependant diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, allopathic drugs cannot be suddenly withdrawn; hence, homeopathic medicines may be taken with allopathic medicines. However, allopathic medicine is often palliative or suppressive. For example, if a patient with headache takes a painkiller, his symptoms would get masked and therefore a good prescription by a homeopath could become difficult. Similarly, some medicines in Allopathy tend to suppress rather than cure while homeopathic medicines may expel toxins. In such cases, it is better to take Homeopathy alone.


I’m not reading all of that quackery.

Welcome back little cubby! All the best to you…scary stuff.

Fun fact:

On Homeopathy’s Wikipedia page. The term placebo was found 41 times, and quackery 9 times.

Rahul, please end this topic.

I am just sharing my personal experiences of how homeopathy helped me treat my self.

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Homeopathy worked very well to cure me.May be homeopathy is seen as fake practice in other parts of the world so this thread of mine may not create any impact.

WTF is allopathy.

You should have either 1) stuck to your promise or 2) provide cliffnotes. It’s like one step forward, 2 backwards with you.

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are you a male /female/other?

Every body thinks that all homeopathy medicines are same but it is not true.

Let me share with you the name of few medicines that cured my piles:

1)Nux vomica



4)Acid nitrate


The above mentioned medicines were mixed in a definite proportion and i was adviced to take 3 drops daily.

TMI, after my fancy!!


How can you say that those things cured you? How do you know that it wasn’t your fortuitous and virile Indian blood mixed with a near-lethal dose of curry that brought about your amazing recovery. Perhaps you, in all your glory, overcame despite your homo pathy.

You are correct.Homeopathy does not cure symptoms or disease rather it prepares the body to cure itself from an illness.

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