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iteracom? Is that you?

Face Palm, She’s not hot! She looks like Ginger from Giligan’s Island had a baby with a meth addict!

I think she’s attractive.

Wait… you don’t think she is hot? I’m not sure what kind of crazy action you’re getting.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=911&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=GDXiT_xPqt7YBbOh4dAL


@Black Swan and Ohai, you two need to step up your game. She’s not hot. It’s like Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s ugly but people think she’s attractive because she’s on TV.

Almost spit out my mid-day coffee when I saw your goggle pics.

Where’s Iteracom, we need a tie breaker.

I’m not that into blondes or redheads but I think you guys’ standards are perhaps a touch too high for reality.

If I met someone who looked like her off of, and she liked me too, I’d be pretty happy.

@bchad, you need to move to a city with some hot chics! Where do you live?

I don’t know. If could pick any TV/movie celebrity, some are probably hotter. But in real life, someone like this would cause guys’ dicks to explode. You seem a bit out of touch with reality.

Also, after watching an interview where she discusses her life, I’d have to say she seems pretty cool as well.

I agree with Ohai.

ohai/Black Swan agreement is like Barney Frank and Eric Cantor mutual ass-slapping. If such consensus exists, clearly the topic must be true.

Jessica from True Blood? Way hot.

IMO, she’s average. At my old consulting job, 70% of the chics under 35 were hotter than her. I used to joke that they had a ugly quota. Maybe it’s effected me.

BTW, wouldn’t be surprised if Cantor was Log Cabin; he comes off as metro.

Redheads with pasty white skin = FAIL

Do not want.

Sorry, that’s not hot. Wouldn’t kick her out of bed, but not hot.

I’m also in the camp that Sarah Jessica Parker is also not hot, kinda weird looking actually

She’s atttractive, but not hot.

hmmmm, white trash booty.

Agreed, I’am not one for pasty skin myself as it has been the bane of my existence. I think this was particularly traumatic as I grew up in a mulitcultural neighbourhood.Either way, I am hoping to create some nice brown skinned or tan children in the future so they do not have to carry the same burden I do. However, I do think she is sttractive and I’d definitely date her I have learnt that looks arent everything. I’ve had some dime pieces in my day that really knew how to make the meat gloc pop if you know what im saying but an honest assement would’ve categorized them with personality disorders under the DSM 4.

Further to this, I wonder if any of these guys ever get laid? I mean by women who aren’t golddiggers and they don’t have to pay.

She’s no where close to being hot. A 6 max.